All Martial Arts in Nia use some unifying concepts:
• Fluid movement, Power through ease rather than effort; effort reduces power & balance
• Ground into feet and pelvis; Heel lead; follow hands with eyes; Move from & focus on tan tien – energy center of body
• Feet and Earth are the real power sources; Systemic power; moving with breath

Tai Chi – The Slow Dance

• Walking & rooting into the Earth is one with your flesh & bones
• Open joints so you move like a cat, a mountain lion, a jaguar
• Mind deeply relaxed; Mindful of actions & thoughts
• Power, ease, & lightness rooted in grace; Emotional peace & harmony
• Moving from the feet with relaxed joints establishes fluidity
• Slow Motion cultivates strength, endurance & flexibility in the legs
• Grounded, relaxed joints, organized movement that easily transfers weight

Tai Chi Pearls
Soft, relaxed, like the wind, fluid, water, grounded, rooted, connected, liquid, focused, balanced, meditative, graceful, integrated, strong, agile, effortless, gentle, flowing, circular, supple, quiet, open & rounded, dynamic ease

Tae Kwon Do – The Dance of Precision
• Immovable power, boundaries
• Lines that deflect, stop & move objects out of your way
• Emotional strength, confidence, alignment: Warrior, Eagle
• Punch from heart level, the most powerful center to deliver upper body force from
• Hand techniques – punches, strikes, spear finger, etc. –move energy & strengthen
• Sound expresses & strengthens
• Move limbs like flexible chords & feel muscles tighten around bones at “contact”

Tae Kwon Do Pearls
React, sharp, solid, protective, thrust, aware, speed, start & stop, direct, quick, conscious, precise, directed, sudden, kick, punch, block, alert, power, pushing, aggressive, timing, resistance, anger, passion, fire, electricity, voice

Aikido – Harmonious Spherical Motion
• Openness & receptiveness doubles the power of movement
• Turning conflict into harmony; acceptance of what is
• Love in the presence of fear & anger
• Create spiral & circular movements to cultivate energy
• Consciously connect energy to center and direct it along the path of least resistance
• Feel yourself in the center of a spiral, supported by vertical axis
• Blend with the energy around you like watercolor paints blend & bleed

Aikido Pearls
Blending, relaxation, attention, continuous, flowing, spirals, circles, recycling energy, perpetual motion, in and out, infinity, figure 8, cooperative, harmonizing, peaceful & powerful, swirling, adapting, soft edges, connected, fluid

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