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birthday cakeA birthday. A holiday. Any day. The cycles of days and weeks and seasons and years can lull me into the illusion that it’s all the same. Sometimes I forget how amazing it all is.

The last scene of Thornton Wilder’s play, Our Town, kills me every time. In it, a young woman has died and has asked to go back to her life for one day. She finds the beauty and the pain of it more than she can bear, so before breakfast even starts, she asks to go back. As she leaves, she really notices the details that she had never paid attention to when she was living. Here is Penelope Ann Miller’s monologue from her 1987 Tony nominated performance in which she says good bye to the world and all its sweetness…and there is also a wonderful 2003 production with Paul Newman as the Stage Manager.

I think of this scene all the time. I think of it when I touch my husband’s hair, eat blueberries, smell lilacs, hug my kids. It’s the small things, the everyday things, the lemons in a bowl, a rainbow of Sharpies in a jar, a cat on the table, sunflowers in my yard that I do my best to take in, appreciate, absorb. Can I possibly savor this enough, notice this enough, love this enough? I want to be here for my living.

As she goes back to her grave on the hill, Emily says, “Oh Earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.” She asks if anyone living actually sees it and the Stage Manager says no — the only ones who do, even a little, are poets and saints. I’m neither of these, that’s for damn sure, but I do want to be one who realizes life’s wonderfulness.

That’s what today’s class is all about. Below is the playlist.
enJOY the day.

Awareness of Poets and Saints – Saturday, August 3, 2013, 945am

Big Sky – 4:04 – Annie Lennox
Down To Earth – 5:59 – Peter Gabriel
Qalanderi – 6:55 – Cheb I Sabbah
The Sound of Sunshine – 3:44 – Michael Franti & Spearhead
Freedom – 2:50 – Tyrone Wells
I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) – 3:52 – Michael Franti
Sorrento Moon – 4:56 – Tina Arena
Fever (Adam Freeland Extended Remix) – 7:03 – Sarah Vaughan
Just Say Yes – 4:41 – Snow Patrol
Feel It All – Band Jam – 3:50 – KT Tunstall
Gandhi/Buddha – 3:28 – Cheryl Wheeler
Lux Aurumque – 4:16 – Eric Whitacre Singers

ok go here it goes againSo good to play and dance for a week between my summer camp and beach junkets! And a helpful reminder about all the choices we really do have in every moment.

Below are the playlists for classes this week. In particular, I enjoyed some Dead Can Dance, The Derek Trucks Band and Eva Cassidy.  Safri Duo totally rocked it for us on Tuesday morning.  Evidently, these two Danish percussionists have been banging on drums together since they were youngsters and boy HOWDY do I love Played A Live!  And for your video-watching, treadmill-dancing pleasure, please enjoy OK Go’s Here It Goes Again  (now THAT’S a treadmill workout! Disclaimer: please don’t try this at home or at acac :).

I’ll be away at the beach for the next couple of weeks, so please check the ACAC Schedule page for the teaching line-up. The next time I’m teaching is Friday, July 26 at 1125am at ACAC Albemarle Square. Come join me as I’ll have lots of pent up Nia Energy by then! Then I’ll be back on my regular schedule (M 1045 & W 1055 Albemarle Square and T/Th 9 Downtown) for the week of July 29.

Happy, healthy, dance-full summertime, everybody!


Choice – Monday, Jul 8, 2013, 1045am

Yulunga [Spirit Dance] – 6:56 – Dead Can Dance
Center Of The Sun – 5:01 – Conjure One Feat. Poe
Tears From The Moon – 4:18 – Conjure One Feat. Sinéad O’ Connor
Smokey Quartz – 6:59 – Shakatura
Dream Machine – 3:53 – Mark Farina
Ali Click – Trance Mix – 7:29 – Brian Eno
Freedom – 2:50 – Tyrone Wells
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – 4:09 – Derek Trucks Band
How Can I keep from singing – 4:29 – Eva Cassidy
Sure Thing – 6:03 – St. Germain
Common Threads – 4:17 – Bobby McFerrin
Early Till Late – 4:47 – Cantoma

Choice – Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013, 9am

Coming Back To Life – 6:19 – Pink Floyd
Living In The Moment – 3:55 – Jason Mraz
Free Your Mind – 4:52 – En Vogue
Drive By – 3:16 – Train
Drop – 4:56 – Cornelius
Breathe (Extreme Mix) – 4:04 – Soulfood
Sweet Freedom – 5:14 – Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald
Played A Live – 6:46 – Safri Duo
Everloving – 3:26 – Moby
Balance – 3:10 – Bob Holroyd
Father I Know – 3:08 – Jamie Catto
Peace & Harmony – 5:29 – Relaxation Harmony & Wellness

Choice – Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013, 1055am

The Day After Everything Changed – 4:30 – Ellis Paul
Nourah – 6:51 – Makyo
Free – 4:09 – Illumine
Free Your Mind – 4:52 – En Vogue
No Quiero Nada Mas – 4:46 – Sancti Spiritus
Keep On Searching – 5:08 – Kraak & Smaak
Ghosts in My Machine – 3:33 – Annie Lennox
Closer to Free – 3:09 – BoDeans
Played A Live – 6:46 – Safri Duo
Raag Trance – 5:32 – Biddu
All We Are – 3:37 – Matt Nathanson
Devorzhum – 6:13 – Dead Can Dance

Choice – Thursday, Jul 11, 2013, 9am

Wonderwall – 4:09 – Ryan Adams
Marisi – 6:33 – Cantoma
Tears From The Moon – 4:18 – Conjure One Feat. Sinéad O’ Connor
Shadow – 4:28 – Big Blue Ball featuring Juan Cañizares, Papa Wemba
Short Skirt / Long Jacket – 3:28 – Cake
Drive By – 3:16 – Train
Shadowman – 6:36 – Afro Celt Sound System
Here It Goes Again – 3:00 – OK Go
Stairway To Heaven – 8:03 – Led Zeppelin
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – 4:09 – Derek Trucks Band
All We Are – 3:37 – Matt Nathanson
All Remains – 7:30 – Afro Celt Sound System

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