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It is our nature to sink and float. Our bodies are designed to be in this up and down interplay with gravity. And it is the nature of our minds and hearts, particularly in times of communal stress and predictable unpredictability, to sink and rise, too.

Sinking and floating can be a practice that we engage in intentionally, even if it feels awkward and uncomfortable. Today’s ajna* practice offers three ways to practice with sink and float. Find the video here.

3 Ways to Sink + Float

1. Sink + Float in the Body. As you move through your day, look for ways to sink down into your legs, go onto the floor, and whatever you’re doing, really sink into the support that is always under you. Float up and stretch, reach for things in high places. Grocery store visits are great opportunities to practice this – buy things that aren’t at eye-level!

2. Feel the Sink + Float. As your heart and mind rise and fall during the day, allow yourself to feel it. When you read a story that makes your heart sink, allow it to sink in before you move on to the next thing. When you smell honeysuckle or hear a wood thrush, give yourself a moment to feel the float and lift that beauty always offers. We are conditioned to skim over the surface of feelings. Instead, let them have their way with you.

3. Visualize the healing of Sink + Float. This visualization was inspired by a comment in an On Being interview with David Steindl-Rast. Imagine carefully, lovingly, one at a time, placing worry, fear, sorrow and heartache into a beautiful old suitcase. Then drop the suitcase into a deep, still, clean, clear lake. Watch it sinksinksink slowly through the water until it bumps onto the bottom. And then watch and see what floats bubbles lifts up from your grief to the surface.

A gentle reminder, friends. Sinking and floating can be intense for body, mind, and heart. Go slowly. Practice a little at at time. Take care of yourself. If you need support – whether that is a chair, a hand or ear of a friend, or a licensed mental health professional – get it and use it.

And as always, I love to hear from you. Reach out and let me know how the sink and float feels.

* Ajna is a Sanskrit word that means inner-knowing or intuition. Ajna practice is an opportunity to be your own teacher.

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