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Art in Action is a weekly post: a simple, practical guide to applying the ideas and principles in the Focus Pocus posts to your body and life. As always, I love to hear from you about how you use them and how you translate the ideas into action.

If there is one thing I notice when I hike around water features, it’s this: water always wins. It may look like rock is solid and permanent but let water wash over it for a few million years and *BAM* you’ve got Grand Canyon (or Grand Canyon of the South: The Breaks on the border of Virginia and Kentucky!)

Fluid, water-like movement promotes mobility and strength, grace and power. Here are 4 ways to bring more fluidity into everything you do:

1. Movement ~~~~~~

As you move in your workout, on your yoga mat, or through your day, play with focusing on fluid, seamless, flowing movement. Whether you’re moving fast or slow or even with agility and precision, see if you can create an underlying intention of fluidity: one movement moving into the next. See how this affects your breath, your heartrate, your concentration and the sensation of even mundane movement.

2. Thought ~~~~~~

In her book, The Way of the Hammock, Marga Odahowski recommends taking time to let your mind wander and flow. This is different than meditation and certainly different than laser-focused concentration. The way of the hammock is to let thoughts flow in and wander around and then flow out again. I don’t have a hammock, but I have a swing that is conducive for thought-flowing. I also find soothing, repetitive movements like showering or shelling peas or folding laundry are great thought-flowing times.

3. Emotion ~~~~~~

Emotions are often equated with the element of water in that they are always flowing and changing. It can be easy to disconnect from emotion, though, and feel numb or neutral. Those are great times to pause and check in with the fluid flow of emotion that’s always happening. This can also be done at times of intense emotion: to check in and see what is truly arising (Am I angry or embarrassed? Am I happy or excited?). But I particularly like to check into the subtle feelings in those in between times when it might seem like I feel nothing.

4. Spirit ~~~~~~

Follow your intuition and you are catching the flow of spirit. Choose to be aware of gentle tugs to do (or not do) something and see where it leads you. My mind (and my plans) can be strong and pull me away from the tingling sense of another possibility. It can take practice to listen to the bubble of spirit, but so often that’s the source of the true gifts and gems.

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