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I detest the feeling of being lost. Especially when an authority (like, say, Google Maps) tells me to go in the wrong direction. Or when the map is missing information.

Getting lost totally. pisses. me. off.

It really twists my panties if part of me *knew* it was sending me in the wrong direction …. and I didn’t trust my own knowing.

I get impatient and angry and panicky. I swear a lot and rush to find my way back to some kind of landmark.

I’m wondering about approaching the lost feeling differently. Maybe I could see it as part of the process. Maybe I could even breathe and stay calm and connect to my inner GPS. Imagine that.

How do you feel about being lost? Do you get cranky like I do? Or do you see it as an adventure? A way to see new things? Do you see it as no big deal?

I’d love to hear about your relationship with being lost. Literally and figuratively. Leave a comment below so we can have a conversation.

As always…
Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.

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