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“Stay in your lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy.” ~ Brené Brown

Connection is essential to us all ~ especially now. And nothing kills real connection like comparison. As soon as I start holding you up and me down, as soon as I rate myself against someone else, as soon as I judge this as better than that, any chance at real connection is lost.

Instead, can we connect to ourselves and to each other and leave out the comparison? My yoga teachers would say, “Practice on your own mat” as a reminder that we are all doing our own practice, in our own bodies with our own experience, gifts and talents. To compare is not only absurd (since by definition we are each unique), it’s harmful to real relationships and leaves us feeling isolated and lonely.

Today’s Nourishing Movement practice is a chance to connect without comparison: to feel courage and to encourage, to pay attention to the front and back body, and to remember that we are not alone as we all practice in our own space and our own way. Find the video here.

~~~ Music Credits ~~~
Title song for Dancing Water Daily:
Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library

Playlist for Mon, May 18, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Daily ~ Nourishing Movement: Connection without Comparison
Kumasi Groove 3:43 Kevin MacLeod YouTube Audio Library
Center_Ring 4:24 Freedom Trail Studio YouTube Audio Library
Get Me On The Floor 3:43 Gunnar Olsen YouTube Audio Library
Love In LA 3:58 DJ Williams YouTube Audio Library
Broken Reality 3:38 Kevin MacLeod YouTube Audio Library
This is Not Background Music 3:33 True Cuckoo YouTube Audio Library
Fine 5:02 Max McFerren YouTube Audio Library
Fresh Fallen Snow 3:35 Chris Haugen YouTube Audio Library
Dama-May – Primal Drive 5:15 Kevin MacLeod YouTube Audio Library
We Always Thought the Future Would Be Kind of Fun 7:15 Chris Zabriskie YouTube Audio Library

Monday, May 18 ~ Nourishing Movement: Connection without Comparison (Courage + Encourage) ~ find it here
Tuesday, May 19 ~ Nourishing Movement: Connection without Comparison (Longing + Belonging)
Wednesday, May 20 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Connection without Comparison (Cognizant + Recognize)
Thursday, May 21 ~ Dharma Dance Swirl: Connection without Comparison (Trust + Entrust)
Friday, May 22 ~ All Out All You Dance Party: Connection without Comparison (Member + Re-Member)
Saturday, May 23 ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice: An Approach to Connection without Comparison
Sunday, May 24 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Connect with Presence

LAST WEEK’S DANCING WATER DAILY PRACTICES (if you missed any or want to go back to the ones you loved) ~ Thought Monsters & Other Dance Partners
Monday, May 11 ~ Nourishing Movement at Dancing Water: Thought Monsters & Other Dance Partners ~ find it here
Tuesday, May 12 ~ Nourishing Movement at Dancing Water: Monkey Mind & Hummingbird Thinking ~ find it here
Wednesday, May 13 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Noticing Thoughts ~
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Thursday, May 14 ~ Dharma Dance from Dancing Water: Nancy & The Shitty Committee Take a Break ~ find it here
Friday, May 15 ~ All Out, All You Dance Party from Dancing Water: You Are Not Your Thoughts ~ find it here
Saturday, May 16 ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice: Tracking Thoughts with Curiosity ~ find it here
Sunday, May 17 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: The Space Between Thoughts ~ find it here
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