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MLK do the right thing

I have this idea: rename “Martin Luther King Day” as “Martin-Luther-King-E.D.-Nixon-Ralph-D.-Abernathy-Mahalia-Jackson Day.” Dr. King was great and inspiring. My hero. But I don’t see myself leading a national protest. The suffering in the world overwhelms and paralyzes me.

But smaller things I could do.  I could call a young minister to ask him to join a bus boycott (as E.D. Nixon did). And I could encourage my best friend to do the right thing (as Ralph Abernathy did). And seeing that Dr. King needed a nudge with his speech, I could say, “Tell them about the dream, Martin” (as Mahalia Jackson did).

Every one of us can make a difference with words and acts of kindness, support, encouragement and love. They might seem small, but just imagine if those three people thought there was nothing they could do.


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