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favorites 24 hours of happyNew favorites.
Old favorites.
Brussels sprout favorites (the ones you didn’t think you’d like but – hey! Turns out you do!)

Favorites are fun and they have a sensation.  Favorites offer the combination of repetition and novelty that your brain just loves.  Pharrell Williams brilliantly put both together with a new song repeated 360 times in a row (with the novelty of new dancers) for 24 hours! 

A favorite is actually a habit. Not necessarily bad but maybe limiting.  Recognize your favorites as habits and enjoy them!  Return to old favorites ~ rediscover them!  Entertain the possibility that endless new favorites await you!


elephant-journal-logo*** Exciting News! ***
ELEPHANT JOURNAL (a mindfulness Web site) published an adaptation of a piece from Focus Pocus! You can find it HERE. And look for a link to ANOTHER brand new piece there this week! Join our mindful movement: read, enjoy, comment and share!

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