Nia Story: Massage & Nia
By Pat Taylor, North Garden, VA
October 2013

My journey to health and wellness has taken many twists and turns and I have had plenty of revelations along the way. I have been practicing Nia since 2004 and I am now in massage school to become a massage therapist. On the surface, the two may not seem similar, but Nia and massage therapy both focus on energy flow and healing.

Learning about the human body and how it works both in Nia and massage school has made me even more aware of the affect of both my touch and my presence. Both practices remind me that my feelings are easily transferred to those around me.

For instance, recently in massage school I was learning aura stroking: a technique that uses with long, smooth strokes that are close to but do not touch the body that intend to calm the recipient. My attention was on the client’s back, but as I was working, I had an overwhelming urge to look at her. When I did, I saw that she was crying. I relaxed myself even more and then focused on transferring that relaxation through the energy of my hands. She quickly became relaxed and calm. I do my best to remember that connection – both physical and energetic touch – can truly be changing for both parties.

Pat Taylor is studying massage therapy at the Virginia School of Massage. She has been taking Nia since 2004 and she received her Nia White Belt in 2006.

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