Yin & Yang

While we were traveling, I kept having this both-and feeling.

How could I feel so much love, see so much beauty, experience so much joy and yet at the very same time, feel grief and fear and deep sadness about what was happening in Charlottesville?

Both. And.
Every day was a practice in opening up to both-and.

It sometimes feels like it would be easier to go with either-or. To go all in with one and ignore the other. But that’s not the way life works.

Life is light and dark
Life is joy and grief.
Life is beauty and ugliness.
Life is both-and.

You Are The Light  LTBL hula

[this is a hula hooper at last week’s Let There Be Light art show]

Even in these dark days, there is light.

It may be dim or cool or reflected like the moon, or radiant and life-sustaining like the sun. But light is there.

No matter how this season usually is for you, the invitation is to drop the story about it and sense how you really feel and what you really need. Do you need to seek a friend who believes in you, art that inspires you, or a teacher who sees your potential? Do you need some time to sit quietly or are you in need of connection?  Do you need to extend yourself: offer support, give a needed gift, sit with someone who is hurting?

Below is the music for the week. The most asked about piece was this one. People described it as everything from haunting to majestic. Listen and EnJOY.

You Are The Light LTBL Alien 2

[this is a piece from Let There Be Light 2014 called On Alien Pond]

Announce-y type things:

– I will be traveling around the holidays (off to Northern Minnesota!).  I will be teaching on Monday, Dec 22, Tuesday, Dec 23 and then again on Wednesday, Dec 31 and Thursday, Jan 1 (co-teaching with Mary Linn!). Mary Linn will be teaching my classes while I’m away, so enjoy every moment of that!
1. I am always looking for new music and I love to know what you’re listening to and loving.
2. In particular, I’m working on a new project and am looking for instrumental pieces for that.
3. I have a bunch of Nia music I am dying to share.
4. THE OFFER: if you send me the title and artist of three songs you love (especially but not only instrumentals), I will send (or hand deliver, depending on your location) you a CD of Nia music.
5. THE ALTERNATE (OR ADDITIONAL) OFFER: If finding new music isn’t your thang, then write your favorite Focus Pocus post from 2014 in the comments below, and I’ll send you a Nia CD.
– My hero, teacher and mentor, Jamie Catto is offering a two-hour online workshop on Sunday, December 21. If you sign up and want to connect with me about the class before or after, just let me know!

As always, please let me know how I can help more.

Dance on. Shine on.

Susan sig

Monday, Dec 15, 2014, 1045am ~ You Are The Light

Aquarius 4:48 Hair, the Musical / Renn Woods
What I Got 3:21 Gift Of Gab, Michael Franti & Spearhead
Palais Mascotte 5:47 Patrick Duvoisin
Sweeter Love 8:09 Blue Six
Catu (Vienna Sub Mix) 6:21 Ikarus
Inner Membrane 5:19 Govinda
Instant Karma 3:14 U2
Shining Light 4:32 Annie Lennox
Spirit In the Dark 5:04 Diane Schuur & B.B. King
Shine 4:12 Joshua
Shine the Light On 5:02 Illumine
Light 7:22 Hans Zimmer & Johnny Mori

Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014, 9am ~ You Are The Light

Tibet Part II 4:54 Mark Isham
Passing Through 5:17 Bob Holroyd
Duden 6:41 Natacha Atlas
Something Understood 4:24 Bob Holroyd
Drumming Up a Storm 5:59 Bob Holroyd
Zion Youth 5:39 Dreadzone
Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) 3:21 John Lennon, The Plastic Ono Band & Yoko Ono
Shining Light 4:32 Annie Lennox
Spirit In the Dark 5:04 Diane Schuur & B.B. King
Dalmore 3:59 Nahoo
Shine the Light On 5:02 Illumine
Hello Night 4:29 Zoe Keating

Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014, 1055am ~ You Are The Light

Light You Up 6:20 Shawn Mullins
Always Waiting (fest. Irina Milkhailova) 7:08 Kaya Project
Quero Saber (fest. Orieta Pines) 6:29 Rodney Hunter
Walk Into The Sun 5:21 Dirty Vegas
Moon & Sun 6:02 Dalminjo Fjörd Fusioneer
Deeper (Into Places) (Silk Spinner Mix) 6:23 Afterlife
Moon and Sun [#] 4:36 Gomez
The Moon, The Sky 5:05 Thunderball
Shine the Light On 5:02 Illumine
Hello Night 4:29 Zoe Keating

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014, 9am ~ You Are The Light

Light You Up 6:20 Shawn Mullins
Rafiki (Sidewalk Mix) 6:25 Bob Holroyd
Don’t Say 5:47 Deep Dive Corp.
Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix) 8:36 MB Disco
Reconfluenced 6:19 Bob Holroyd
U R The Answer 5:57 Stephen Bray/ Michael Beckwith
Lovers of Light 3:58 Afro Celt Sound System
Put Your Lights On 4:45 Santana Feat. Everlast
Long As I Can See the Light 3:16 Marc Cohn
Light 7:22 Hans Zimmer & Johnny Mori

Friday, Dec 19, 2014, 545pm ~ Nia Black Out Jam ~ Yin & Yang

Kode 5:35 Kimi Djabate
Samba Alla 3:50 Diogal
Ave Maria 4:25 Peter Lale, Lisbeth Scott
Touch 3:43 Shift K3Y
Brasilero (Nights Mix) 5:14 Shaman’s Dream
Bailando 5:00 Chuck Love
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) 4:31 Mark Ronson
Guitaria 5:28 Deep Dive Corp.
Wizards In Winter 3:06 Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Spirit In the Dark 5:04 Diane Schuur & B.B. King
The Hounds Of Winter 5:51 Sting
Greensleeves 4:29 Steve Erquiaga
When Comes December 4:04 Tim Story


For more information about Nia and this rich system of training and learning? Everything Nia is at…

If you’re traveling or moving, you can find a teacher or classes wherever you’re going.

Interested in teaching or deepening your practice? Check out the Nia White Belt Training. They are offered all around the world so you can find one near you or where you may want to go!

And if you’re a belt, Helen Terry is coming to the Charlottesville area for a Blue Belt training in February! An exciting opportunity to deepen your practice!

In these darkest of days, I can be blinded by the over-bright artificial light and deafened by the cacophony of reindeer games. I can find my little boat swamped by the darkness and me bailing out the icy water to keep afloat.

you are the light winter solstice moon

We need the dark to see the light.

you are the light yin yang

Remember Yin and Yang: the light is part of the dark and dark is part of the light. It is not either/or, it’s both/and. Moon and sun, receiving and transmitting, reflection and source.

you are the light heart on glass

In these darkest of days, we need your light.
Unwrap it from your heavy coat.
Shine on.

you are the light on 250Shine On

Darkness descends on our little city
(Maybe on yours, too. Or maybe on you.)

December with its Solstice silent blanket
And shadows darker under Nature’s night:
Disappearance and death
Violent violation
Agony, isolation

Even so
There is the moon
Luminous, listening
Receiving, reflecting
Illuminated from the source
Bright enough to wake us
So we can marvel

The city’s sinew
Its strongest femur
Bruised blue-black
Deep-rooted dis-ease
Stories and secrets
Defensive denial
Tangled doubt

Even so
There is the sun
Radiant, reassuring
Ever-generous, if shy these days
Self-sourced force toward which
the amaryllis aches and arches

Darkness is part of us
Shadows spiral in our fibers
Charcoal curtains can narrow vision

Each of us glow, reflect, radiate
But in these dark days
We bundle and trundle it
Beneath heavy coats of despair
Zip up and button down
Tuck in and turn out
Crossed arms over lost heart
Sighing sideways eyes
Furtively looking to see
Who will spark the shift
And shine the light

You are the light
You are the sun
The very source
You are the moon
Tender reflection

In the darkest of days
Show up
Shine out
Shine on.

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