Today we continue to explore the practice of presence with Dharma Dance. The two parts of Dharma Dance ~ Body as Student (guided movement that endeavors to break habit) and Body as Teacher (unguided movement that intends to reveal authentic movement) ~ is the structure for opening and softening our eyes, hearts and psoas muscles (the deep core muscles that connect core and legs).

Presence in the face of both sadness and silver linings, gratitude and grief, takes courage and attention. It’s easy to zone out or turn away. Two resources that are helping me this week are:

Lisa Jakub’s podcast, Embrace Your Weird. One of my favorite podcasts in times when I’m feeling anxious and uncertain. Which is usually. But especially these days. Her latest episode is a short one and it’s gorgeous. It invites compassion for ourselves and the larger world in a way that landed right in the center of my heart. You can find it here.

And for the times when all I can see is the suffering, Joshua Becker’s YouTube post about the discipline of practicing gratitude helps remind me to open my eyes and heart to the gifts in all times.

It always helps me to start with the body. Use the body as your student. Use the body as your teacher. Together, find the eyes to see it all, the heart to take it in, and the strength and integration to step toward rather than away. Please find the video here.

Playlist for Dharma Dance: Presence, Thu Apr 9 2020
What Does Anybody Know About Anything 4:17 Chris Zabriskie, YouTube Audio Library 
The Insomniac Parade 3:49 The Whole Other, YouTube Audio Library
Toe Jam 3:45 Diamond Ortiz, YouTube Audio Library 
Walking_in_Line 3:55 Freedom Trail Studio, YouTube Audio Library
What A Baby 6:15 Max McFerren, YouTube Audio Library
Drum Bass 3:31 Andrew Huang, YouTube Audio Library ,
Firesong 3:33 Kevin MacLeod, YouTube Audio Library ,
Psychic_Magic 5:22 Unicorn Heads, YouTube Audio Library,
1973 6:23 Bruno E., YouTube Audio Library
Kamogawa Dreaming 4:33 South London HiFi, YouTube Audio Library,
Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library ,
Despair and Triumph 4:46 Kevin MacLeod, YouTube Audio Library

And the post by trauma coach, Jane Clapp that I talk about at the beginning is here.

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Monday, Apr 6 ~ Dancing Water Nourishing Movement: Presence on Susan’s YouTube Channel ~ find it here
Tuesday, Apr 7 ~ Dancing Water Nourishing Movement: Presence on Susan’s YouTube Channel ~ find it here
Wednesday, Apr 8 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga on Susan’s YouTube Channel ~ find it here
Thursday, Apr 9 ~ Dharma Dance from Dancing Water on Susan’s YouTube Channel ~ find it here
Friday, Apr 10 ~ All Out, All You Dance (aka Presence!) Party from Dancing Water on Susan’s YouTube Channel

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