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The world is shifting. My world. Your world. All of it. As it always is, it’s unclear what will stay and what will burn away, what will crumble and what will stand. As I it shifts, I want to move with it and make space for what needs to happen. I am, then, shifting my online teaching schedule from seven classes a week to four: Nourishing Movement on Mondays, Dharma Dance or All Out All You Movement Parties on Fridays, and Restorative Yoga on Wednesdays and Sundays (Minimal Props and Nesting Props, respectively). For my own health and energy and for the space to allow change to happen, let’s keep moving together while we are apart.

A plumb bob is what carpenters use to measure vertical alignment. It’s a beautiful, old-fashioned tool that uses a weight, a string and gravity. By observing when the weight and the string are out of alignment, the builder can adjust and make choices that bring her structure into plumb.

We can do the same in our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Notice the sensation of alignment and out-of-alignment, whether it’s shoulders and head, hips and feet, or values and choices. In today’s Nourishing Movement practice, we’ll anchor attention on the spine and how it is like the string on a plumb bob, an indicator of the alignment of the whole body. Please find the video here.

TOMORROW! Guest Teaching on Wise Owl Wellness LIVE on Tuesday, June 23 at 11am Eastern

I’m delighted to be teaching a special LIVE class for my friend and colleague, Kristy Harvey’s Wise Owl Wellness LIVE group on Tuesday, June 23 at 11am Eastern.

Join for FREE in the month of June and enjoy her library of over 150 classes ~ yoga, Nia, meditation, HIIT, Barre and MORE! You can then join in up to 10 LIVE classes every week ~~ including my special class on Tuesday, June 23 at 11am. I’ll be teaching one of my favorite routines, Big Blue Ball, that uses beautiful eclectic collaborative music and focuses on 360 degree awareness. At the end of your free trial, we hope you will decide to stick around and purchase a membership that helps support Kristy, Penny the Yoga Cat, and guest teachers like me!

Please click here and request to join the group. You can try us out through June 30th. See you on the mat or the dance floor!

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Title song for Dancing Water Daily:

Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library

Mon, Jun 22, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Practice ~ Nourishing Movement: Plumb Aligned
Lightning on a Blue Sky 3:37 Twin Musicom YouTube Audio Library 
Country_Thump 4:12 TrackTribe YouTube Audio Library
Reverie 3:50 Quincas Moreira YouTube Audio Library 
Island_Woke 3:34 Freedom Trail Studio YouTube Audio Library 
Sign of the Vibration 3:56 South London HiFi YouTube Audio Library
Black_Mercury 3:48 South London HiFi YouTube Audio Library 
Dance, Don’t Delay 4:56 Twin Musicom YouTube Audio Library 
Barrel_Full_of_Sea_Monkeys 3:18 The Whole Other YouTube Audio Library 
Smile 4:43 Jeremy Blake YouTube Audio Library 
Monument 4:12 TrackTribe YouTube Audio Library 
The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan 4:24 Chris Zabriskie YouTube Audio Library 

Mon Jun 22 ~ NEW CLASS! Nourishing Movement: Plumb Aligned~ find it here
Tuesday Jun 23 11am ~ Guest Teaching on Wise Owl Wellness LIVE! See above!
Wednesday Jun 24 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative Yoga: Plumb Aligned (Minimal Props)
Thursday Jun 25 ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes!
Friday Jun 26 ~ NEW CLASS! All Out All You Movement Party: Plumb Deep
Saturday Jun 27 ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes!
Sunday Jun 28 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative: Plumb Deep (Nesting Props)

Mon Jun 15 ~ Nourishing Movement: Paradox & Contradiction ~ find it here
Wed Jun 17 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga (Minimal Props): Paradox & Contradiction ~ find it here
Fri Jun 19 ~ Dharma Dance: Paradox & Contradiction ~ find it here
Sun Jun 21 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga (Nesting Props): Paradox & Contradiction ~ find it here

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