Mindful Curiosity

For years, I bought into my thoughts. My mind was a constant run of comments, stories, judgments, ideas, and criticisms. I swallowed all of them without even, well, thinking. It wasn’t until I started body~mind practices (for me, particularly movement practices) that I began to see that there was a difference, a separation between me and my thinking. And wonder of wonders, a further observation emerged that all those thoughts weren’t necessarily true.

One of my mind’s favorite tricks to play is to toss out Thought Monsters. These are terrifying predictions about what is going to happen that can scare the bejeezus out of me. My friend Laura calls it “living in the wreckage of my future.” Yep, the smoldering, twisted metal of my future.

Which isn’t happening.

Today’s Nourishing Movement practice invites a dive into physical sensation with the intention of opening space between us and our thoughts. The deeper I feel my body, the more I can observe my thoughts for what they are. Then with curiosity and kindness, I can decide whether to believe them or not. Find the video here.

~~~ Music Credits ~~~
Title song for Dancing Water Daily:
Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library

Playlist for Mon, May 11, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Daily ~ Nourishing Movement: Thought Monsters & Other Dance Partners
Hydra 3:33 Huma-Huma YouTube Audio Library
Lazy Boy Blues 4:36 Unicorn Heads YouTube Audio Library
Liberation 4:31 Asher Fulero YouTube Audio Library
Namaste 5:28 Audionautix YouTube Audio Library
BoogieBounce 3:32 Drew Banga YouTube Audio Library
Mia 5:00 Jeremy Blake YouTube Audio Library
Sign of the Vibration 3:56 South London HiFi YouTube Audio Library
Brittle Rille – Reunited 3:49 Kevin MacLeod YouTube Audio Library
Just As Soon 3:48 Kevin MacLeod YouTube Audio Library
Glacier 5:03 Chris Haugen YouTube Audio Library

THIS WEEK’S DANCING WATER DAILY PRACTICES ~ Thought Monsters & Other Dance Partners
Monday, May 11 ~ Nourishing Movement at Dancing Water: Thought Monsters & Other Dance Partners ~ find it here
Tuesday, May 12 ~ Nourishing Movement at Dancing Water: Monkey Mind & Hummingbird Thinking
Wednesday, May 13 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Noticing Thoughts
Thursday, May 14 ~ Dharma Dance from Dancing Water: Nancy & The Shitty Committee Take a Break
Friday, May 15 ~ All Out, All You Dance Party from Dancing Water: You Are Not Your Thoughts
Saturday, May 16 ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice: Tracking Thoughts with Curiosity
Sunday, May 17 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: The Space Between Thoughts

Monday, May 4 ~ Nourishing Movement: Overwhelm Pause & Keep Going ~ find it here
Tuesday, May 5 ~ Nourishing Movement: Simply Navigating Overwhelm ~ find it here
Wednesday, May 6 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Space to Respond to Overwhelm ~ find it here
Thursday, May 7 ~ Dharma Dance: Overwhelm is a Habit ~ find it here
Friday, May 8 ~ All Out, All You Dance Party: Overwhelm…Be a Big Boat ~ find it here
Saturday, May 9 ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice: Overwhelm Inquiry ~ find it here
Sunday, May 10 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga ~ find it here

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