Last week I took a break from teaching in order to put my attention on some creative and healing projects. I had this idea that in this week, I’d be able to clean up the corners, tuck in the edges, and close the files on these things I wanted to do.

The week was full of everything. I did much of the art and health work that I’d intended. I worked on my book and made some real strides. I did yoga every day, danced at home, played with new music, and listened deeply to what my body is telling me. I also met with a couple of friends, got distracted, did a bunch of cooking, got stuck in my head, felt discouraged and spun my wheels.

It might sound like the latter things were a pull away from my intention. It might sound like in those times I wasn’t doing what I’d promised myself I’d do. As it turns out, all of those things contributed to a really wonderful, surprising, and productive week.

I needed to do it all.

I went into my time away with this piece of art

I come back from the week realizing that there are many nouns that I need to remember are actually verbs. Balance, health, and life aren’t destinations, they aren’t a place to land and stop. They are all processes and ways of approaching the flow of our days.

This week, if you find yourself thinking there is some place you’re supposed to be, some state you think you ought to end up in, play with making whatever that word is into a verb.


I am taking next week away from teaching classes to focus on healing and creative projects. I’m not leaving town or going to work with a teacher. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. Which maybe is fine and perfect since neither “healing” nor “art” are nouns.

They are both verbs.

They are processes.

They are ways of being and living.

So that’s what I’ll be doing next week. Healing. Arting.

Many thanks to the acac Nia team who are graciously sharing their gifts and teaching my classes.

I’ll be back teaching and posting here the week of May 27.
Until then,
Dance on. Shine on.

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