The world is shifting. My world. Your world. All of it. As it always is, it’s unclear what will stay and what will burn away, what will crumble and what will stand. As I it shifts, I want to move with it and make space for what needs to happen. I am, then, shifting my online teaching schedule from seven classes a week to four: Nourishing Movement on Mondays, Dharma Dance or All Out All You Movement Parties on Fridays, and Restorative Yoga on Wednesdays and Sundays (Minimal Props and Nesting Props, respectively). For my own health and energy and for the space to allow change to happen, let’s keep moving together while we are apart.

Groundlessness is the nature of human life…and our minds really hate that shit. In the face of uncertainty, our fear-filled lizard brain turns on and and wants out. Jane Clapp, a somatic-centered teacher, coach and trauma expert, reminds us that growth and change require us to be in awkward, sometimes uncomfortable places. She wisely invites us to know when to stay in so growth can happen and when to soothe out so we can keep the process going.

Restorative yoga is one of the ways I bring myself back to myself, to find center and unwind the rattled, uncomfortable feeling of growth and learning. In today’s Moon River Restorative practice, we gather all the things to really nest and snuggle into lots of support, particularly for arms and legs. We’ll use “Jane Clapp Hands,” “Vitruvian Yogi” and “Ghost Legs” to create deep release and whole self relaxation. Find the video here.

Nesting Props for the Practice:
~ carpet ~ soft yoga mat ~ blanket
~ 3 firm pillows
~ 2 bath towels
~ 1 blanket
~ eye covering
~ wall or chair
~ tea or water (optional)

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THIS WEEK’S DANCING WATER PRACTICES ~ Moving in Uncertainty & Groundlessness
Monday Jun 29 ~ NEW CLASS! Nourishing Movement: Moving in Uncertainty ~ find it here
Tuesday Jun 30 11am ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes + Meditations on Uncertainty on Insight Timer!
Wednesday Jul 1 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative Yoga: Being with Uncertainty (Minimal Props) ~ find it here
Thursday Jul 2 ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes!
Friday Jul 3 ~ NEW CLASS! Dharma Dance: Moving in Groundlessness ~ find it here
Saturday Jul 4 ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes!
Sunday Jul 5 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative: Being with Groundlessness (Nesting Props) ~ find it here
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