Here is all the information I have about the acac Albemarle Square locker room renovation project from the Albemarle Square General Manager, Kendall Skeen (

Q: Why are we renovating the locker rooms?
A: Since opening Albemarle Square in 1998 we have invested over $5 million in facility and equipment upgrades. We continually update our facility and the locker rooms no longer meet our high standards for quality.

Q: Will the renovations cause membership dues to increase?
A: We do not raise membership dues as a result of renovation projects. Membership dues are evaluated each year, but reinvestments that we make to our club do not determine membership dues.

Q: How long is the renovation going to last?
A: The project is schedule to take 14-16 weeks.

Q: Will showers be available during renovations?
A: Our assisted change area will not be renovated at the same time as the main locker rooms. The showers in assisted change will remain open during the renovations. Please remember that we also have three other locations with full locker room facilities: Downtown, Pantops and Crozet. Pantops and Crozet are also locations with 24-hour access.

Q: Will members have access to toilets during the renovations?
A: The toilet areas of the locker rooms will remain open during the renovations with the exception of a couple of weeks towards the end of the project. During the entire project, including those couple of weeks when the toilet areas are being renovated, the assisted change bathrooms near the aquatic center will remain open.

Q: Can members put their membership on hold during the renovations?
A: Yes, members may freeze their membership during the renovations. We want to remind our members that if they freeze their membership they will not have access to any of our facilities during the time their membership is on freeze. Their membership becomes inactive if they freeze it.

Q: How will members be updated on the renovation progress?
A: We will regularly update our members via email, social media and in-club communications. We also have a TV in the lobby that will provide regular updates about the renovations.

Q: How will members change in and out of their swimwear?
A: We are temporarily converting the large storage area in the aquatics center into “His and Hers” dry changing rooms. We will also provide a deck shower so members can rinse off before and after getting in the pool.

Q: Will there be any lockers available other than the small day lockers near the front desk?
A: Yes. We plan to temporarily relocate some of the old lockers from the locker room to the aquatic center. The number of these lockers will be limited, and members may not leave items in these lockers overnight.

Q: When do lockers need to be cleaned out?
A: Men’s lockers must to be emptied out no later than close of business on Saturday, September 22nd.
Women’s lockers must to be emptied out no later than close of business on Saturday, September 29th.
We will remove any items from lockers that are not cleaned out by the above dates.

Q: What do members do with their locks if they are renting a locker from us?
A: Members can turn in their lock and key to the Member Services desk or a Membership team member.

Q: If a member currently rents a locker will they be guaranteed a new locker when the renovations are complete?
A: Yes. These members will automatically be assigned a new locker when the renovations are complete. They will need to contact Membership if they want to cancel their locker rental.

If a you have any other questions please feel free to direct them to Kendall at
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