The Sensation of Interoception ~ October 1 2020

Interoception is our body’s ability to sense itself from the inside. Sometimes called the 7th sense, interoception is essential to the practice of presence and mindfulness ~ what I call Embodied Awareness.

Feeling for cues and signals from the body about what it is experiencing encompasses not just the physical (sensations of hunger, pain, tiredness, for example) but also the emotional and mental (like the sensations of excitement and nervousness).

This sense is one that many of us are trained to override and ignore. Our culture tends to talk us out of what we are experiencing by saying things like “You have nothing to be sad about,” or “It’s too early to eat lunch,” or “Big kids don’t cry.” This results in us disconnecting from our 7th sense and doing things like:
– eating when I’m not hungry
– ignoring needs for sleep or using the bathroom
– overriding feelings of hurt or anger
– powering through even when exhausted
Please jump into the conversation and share your experience with the 7th sense of interoception.

And if you are a woman over (or approaching) 50 and want to deepen your connection with interoception and all your senses as you move through your life and make embodied choices, please join us in the free Age of Becoming Facebook Group. Just click here for more information ! Do join us!

Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.

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