The Sensation of Sound ~ Sept 10 2020


As a movement teacher, I think about, experiment with and use sound all the time. After two decades of teaching, though, I’ve got my habits: the songs I love or the ones that inevitably are emotional or the ones that will get a room rocking. But these days, I’m really interested in what Buddhists call “direct experience.” Instead of what we think or remember about sound, how does it actually feel right now?

Two musicians on the meditation app, Insight Timer have my attention these days. Jonathan Adams, who goes by Sonic Yogi, plays a variety of music using a whole array of sounds, from guitar and piano, singing bowls and bells, to the sounds of nature. The Wong Janice is a cellist who plays carefully chosen sounds for healing and meditation. I’ve noticed that regardless of my thoughts and memories about certain kinds of sound and music, sounds have a sensation, that I can experience in the moment.

If I asked you to tell me a sound that you love, or one that you hate, you’d likely go into your memory to answer.
Today, our conversation is instead about the sensation of sound. Rather than think of a sound that you enjoy, the invitation is to go out into your day and notice how different sounds or music FEEL in your body.

Please share below what you discover today by feeling the sensation of sound. Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore our senses and get curious about our direct experience with each of them.

AND I’m continuing to work on The Age of Becoming: Change on Purpose program! If you’re a woman over 50 who is interested in creating and being with change in your body, your life, and the world, let me know! I’ll keep you posted about the program as it develops (and maybe ask you for feedback or to try something out!).

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.


  1. Lynn Pribus said:

    The Age of Becoming — I like this. Over the years I’ve BECOME: a joyful athlete, a professional musician (some of those local nursing homes and retirement communities actually paid for entertainment), a great-grandmother (some acquired and some bio-grands), and our chapter’s chair of an educational grant program for an international organization I have belonged to for some years. (Nine grants last year for students at UVA, PVCC and Liberty. Love that “job.”)

    • THAT is a lot of becoming. And that’s just what I’m talking about ~ growing into change and evolving in alignment with what matters. You are amazing.

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