Breaking Up with My FitBit ~ September 3 2020

I’m going through a breakup.
I’m breaking up with my FitBit.
After wearing it every day for nearly two years I took it off.

I feel like I’ve been set free.

I’m grateful for my FitBit: it taught me what it feels like to move more and less and in between. It showed me what raised my heart rate and how long I was in REM sleep.

But after a while, I noticed that it was less my teacher and more my bossy boss. Less my helper and more my nagging critic. I found myself looking to my FitBit to tell me how much I needed to do and if I’d done a good job or not.

So with deep appreciation, I unshackled myself. I am trusting that I learned what I needed to know and I can now rely on my own authority, my own sense of my body and myself to choose how much to move and whether or not I slept well.

This is a small example of a bigger recognition: where in my life am I turning over my authority to an external, outside source? Where have I shifted from learning from something to deferring to it? Turns out, there are several places in my life where I’ve been doing that … so more unshackling is to come.

What is your relationship with your FitBit – literally or figuratively? Is it supporting you or ruling you? Where have you turned over your agency in a way that no longer serves you?

~-~-~- GIVE AWAY!! ~-~-~-
So now, who wants a FitBit? I’ve got one that’s up for adoption!
All you have to do is
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then, just tell me that you’ve done that (honor system, y’all!) and I’ll enter you in the drawing!
I’ll pull a name from all those who submit on Monday, September 14 2020 at 9am!
Let me know in the comments or email me at sjmnia @ gmail .com!

Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.


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  2. Nik said:

    Interesting, sometimes I take mine off. I used to be fixated on steps & then decided it’s just an arbitrary number so meh. I deliberately got a watch one so if I didn’t like it then I would just use it as a watch, & that’s mostly what it is these days.

    • So healthy. I NEVER took mine off and stayed fixated…until yeah, I realized it wasn’t giving me all the information. 🙂 Well done!

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