Letting Go ~ August 31 2020

A couple of years ago, I started a practice of clearing and de-cluttering. I put my hands on everything in my closet, my bookshelf, my kitchen, my office and asked if I really still loved and needed it. I wanted to move into our new house feeling more spacious, more relaxed, more free.

As I cleared things out, resistance was my constant companion. “I can’t let this go, SHE gave it to me.” “What if I need this in the future (even though I haven’t needed it for years).” “If I give this up, I give up the possibility of being the kind of person who uses/wears/loves this.”

No matter how challenging it was to let go of something, I have never once regretted not having it. Never once.

I continue to practice the one-in-one-out approach to acquiring new items. It works well to keep the mindless clutter from piling up, but more interesting is that I’ve expanded the de-cluttering and letting go to include more than just things.

These days, with everything in the world shifting, I am taking inventory of my habits, my beliefs, my thought patterns, my activities. Everything. And even though fear and resistance arrive right on time, the process of clearing is equally freeing.

What are you holding on to out of fear? What have you noticed you have or do that you no longer need? What is your relationship to de-cluttering your closet, your calendar, your mantel or your mind?

Join the conversation and let us know something (big or small, object or not) that you’ve let go of recently.

Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.





P.S. Leo Babauta wrote recently about this very practice in his Zen Habits blog. Check out the wonderful post here.

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