A (Messy & Delightful) Walk by the River

I took a walk by the river ~ not an elegant romantic walk but one where I knew there was no path. It was messy in some places with climbing over logs and wobbly rocks. It was clear and easy in some places with no obstacles at all. I stepped in a hole and I fell in the water. And I found some red flowers and colorful mushrooms and a beautiful sycamore.

A walk full of messy awkwardness and discomfort as well as unexpected delights.

Just like these days. Sometimes they go smoothly, sometimes they are difficult, sometimes I’m surprised and delighted, sometimes I hardly know how to go forward.

On your own “walk by the river,” what have been the difficulties and what have been the delights? Please share below (I’ll do that, too!) and join the conversation.

Breathe deep, friends. Shine bright. Show up.


  1. Colleen said:

    Lovely post

    • Thank you, sweets! What are the sticks in your hair and the flowers in your path these days? ❤

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