Dancing Water Practices ~ Jul 6 – 12, 2020 ~ Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility

sup·ple adjective 1. bending and moving easily and gracefully; flexible.
ro·bust adjective 1. strong and healthy; vigorous.
an·ti·frag·il·e adjective 1. thriving as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures (developed by Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

The word “fragility” is all over the place these days. It makes me think of tea cups and wine glasses and egos. One nudge and the whole thing shatters.

Robustness and resilience are a step up from fragile: under stress those systems come back to how they were. But Nassim Nicholas Taleb suggests that the opposite of fragile is actually “antifragile” – that is, things that get stronger when they are challenged or under stress.

Leo Babauta recently wrote a blog post about the idea of anti-fragility in which he says,

“Some systems are robust or resilient, which is much better than fragile.
“But even better is the idea of being anti-fragile: stress makes the system stronger.
“Human systems are anti-fragile — when we exercise, we’re stressing the system, and after we recover, we’re stronger and better able to handle that stress. Bones get denser with impact. Lots of natural systems have anti-fragile mechanisms built in.
“We can make human-made systems more anti-fragile by designing ways that stress will make the system better able to handle stress. Failure helps the system get stronger.” (find the whole post, which is great, here.)


This week, the Dancing Water Practices focus on developing anti-fragility by cultivating both suppleness and strength in our movements. Feeling the two sensations and allowing them to co-mingle allows us to work toward a state in which stress not only does not destroy us but makes us stronger.

Here’s what’s coming up this week: Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility
Find them all on my YouTube Channel and check out my Instagram feed for images, quotes and inspiration!

Monday Jul 6 ~ NEW CLASS! Nourishing Movement: Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility
Tuesday Jul 7 ~ Archive Dive into Nourishing Movement! Or choose from more than 90 archived classes (how about Nourishing Movement from March 30?) + Meditations by Danni P. Thompson and Margaret Rinaldo on Insight Timer!
Wednesday Jul 8 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative Yoga: Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility (Minimal Props)
Thursday Jul 9 ~ Archive Dive into Dharma Dance! Or choose from more than 90 archived classes!
Friday Jul 10 ~ NEW CLASS! All Out All You Movement: Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility
Saturday Jul 11 ~ Archive Dive! Choose from nearly 90 archived classes!
Sunday Jul 12 ~ NEW CLASS! Moon River Restorative: Supple Strength & Anti-Fragility (Nesting Props)

For more on the application of anti-fragility, I loved this blog post.


We’re half way through the year. Half way. Remember January? It wasn’t actually 8 years ago, just 6 months. Did you set a ONE WORD intention back then? I did. And I’d completely forgotten what it was.

Which isn’t surprising.

My ONE WORD intention for 2020 is CALM.

I’m returning to it. I need it.

What was your ONE WORD for 2020? Do you remember? Maybe you never left it. Maybe it’s time to revisit it. If you didn’t set one, maybe do that now (for more on the practice of ONE WORD, go here.).

As a reminder to yourself and an inspiration to us all, please share your ONE WORD in the comments below.

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Friends, it’s looking like our world is going to be significantly different for the foreseeable future. I’m looking closely at my professional life and what that might look like in the coming months (years?). It would be a huge help to me if you shared how you’re really doing, what you miss the most, what has your attention and what you need. I want you to be part of the conversation as I evaluate what’s next.

And as always, I read and respond to every single comment and email and I appreciate them all. Please do reach out with email (sjmnia@gmail.com) or a comment and let me know how I can help more!
Breathe deep. Shine bright. Show up.

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