Wed, May 27, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Daily ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga: Sink + Float

Grocery shopping was once a calming outing for me. I loved cruising through the store, interacting with people, filling a cart with colorful fruits and veggies. It was a nourishing activity in all ways. But not lately. I still feel grateful for the plethora of good food that we have access to, but going to the store is no longer calming.

After the mask and gloves, and enough hand sanitizer to fill a sink; after dozens of covered faces and everybody avoiding each other in the aisles, I came home jangly and rattled. I could feel that I had moved through the store holding myself in; trying on some level not to touch anything.

Do you ever feel that when you are stressed that some part of you is holding yourself up…even when you’re lying down?

Today’s restorative yoga practice is a simple series that allows the body to fully sink into its support and float on it. You can use any part of this for a quick nerve-settler or do the whole series to really let your body and mind unwind. Find the video here.

Props for the Practice:
• carpet ~ blanket ~ yoga mat (or any combination so it’s soft and forgiving)
• 2 blankets* that can be folded into roughly the same size long rectangles
• a cat companion (optional, strong boundaries about who gets to use the blanket when is important)
• tea or water

* I’m exploring using fewer and simpler props: today we just use two blankets. A couple of pointers here: smooth dense-ish blankets work best as bumpy (like crocheted) or stuffed (like some comforters) will get uncomfortable after a while in the poses. Thicker or thinner blankets can work and will offer different experiences, so experiment and see what feels great to you. In the video, I use one that is a twin (about 65”x84”) and one a little smaller but thicker (48”x 58”).

Please let me know what props work best for you: what you do and do not have access to and what feels best. I’d love to create practices that address our practice-at-home needs!

~~~ Music Credits ~~~
Title song for Dancing Water Daily:
Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library

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