Fri, May 8, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Daily ~ All Out All You Dance Party: Overwhelm…Be A Big Boat

My dad is a master canoeist. When I was a kid, I loved to watch him paddle our red canoe alone, body weight shifted to one side, strong long paddle strokes skimming the gunnel along the water’s edge.

When I was learning how to paddle solo, my choppy uneven strokes often tipped the gunnel too far, soaking me from hip to heel. Sometimes, I’d get so discombobulated that I’d swamp it and fill the canoe with so much water that it wouldn’t move.

It wasn’t just canoeing. I was easily flustered and quick-to-worry then (and now, given certain circumstances). My dad would remind me that little boats would tip and wobble in even the smallest waves but that big boats didn’t even notice the small waves and took the big waves in easy adjustments.

He’d look at me with his master canoeist eyes and say, “Be a big boat.”

Today’s Dancing Water Daily is an All Out All You Dance Party focused on the sensation of being a big boat…even when we feel overwhelmed. This practice offers a variety of music and movement forms to move in your body in your way. See what it feels like to be a big boat in your own body. Find the video here.

You can use the same format with your own music, too! Pick out eleven pieces of music and explore:
• sway
• balance
• flow
• spirals
• clear/sharp
• in/out
• shake
• up/down
• all of the above (or none!)
• movement on the floor
• stillness

How does it feel to act as if you’re a big boat (even if you feel like a tippy canoe)?

~~~ Music Credits ~~~
Title song for Dancing Water Daily:
Kate’s Waltz 3:44 Bad Snacks, YouTube Audio Library

Playlist for Fri, May 8, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Daily ~ All Out All You Dance Party: Overwhelm…Be A Big Boat
Song For Michael 6:00 Magic In The Other YouTube Audio Library
Wandering 3:37 Gunnar Olsen YouTube Audio Library
Green Leaves 3:41 Audionautix YouTube Audio Library
Green Leaves by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:
Rubber Ducky 3:58 Slynk YouTube Audio Library
Poppy Seeds 3:39 TrackTribe YouTube Audio Library
Back and Forth 3:34 Silent Partner YouTube Audio Library
Trophy Wife 3:53 Rondo Brothers YouTube Audio Library
Heart Beats 3:59 Silent Partner YouTube Audio Library
Sunny Looks Good on You 3:41 Midnight North YouTube Audio Library
Hanging Out 4:52 Bruno E. YouTube Audio Library
There’s Probably No Time 5:12 Chris Zabriskie YouTube Audio Library
There’s Probably No Time by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source:

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Saturday, May 9 ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice: Overwhelm Inquiry
Sunday, May 10 ~ Moon River Restorative Yoga

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