Saturday, March 21, 2020 ~ Dancing Water Online ~ Ajna (Self-Guided) Practice


The bumpy ride of providing online classes continues! To make up for the Dharma Dance video that was blocked on Thursday, I did a live Do Over Dharma Dance class yesterday but that video was also partially blocked for music copyright issues. It has always been those issues that have kept me from doing classes online but my hope was that (a) in these extenuating circumstances, (b) given that our numbers aren’t high and (c) given that I am not charging for anything I’m offering, that we might slide under the radar. No such luck. In other news: the wireless mic we ordered arrived!…but it has the wrong attachments for our computer and won’t work. GAH.

I deeply apologize for not providing what I intend to offer. And please know that I am working diligently to create content that works on these platforms and is easeful to receive.

In that effort and in an act of self-care, I’m taking this weekend to find another mic option, to dive into finding music that is approved for use on YouTube (anybody have any ideas for copyright free music?) and to take a break from the steep learning curve.

I’m still with you, my friends. We still need to be moving and connecting, trusting and opening, engaging and letting go. In that spirit, today’s class is a self-guided or Ajna practice. The image above is my well-loved yoga mat that says:

Ajna: Listen to your inner instruction. We are all the answers.

Today, I offer a short video guide to creating your own movement practice. You can find it here. (There is no music, so I promise it will be there!)

This is the sample playlist that I love

Beauty & the East (Banco de Gaia Remix) 6:51 Bombay Dub Orchestra
Magalenha 3:39 Sergio Mendes
Surreal (Disc Two) 5:48 Free Radical
What I Be 4:45 Michael Franti & Spearhead
Wiarthul 5:55 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
Out Of The Silence 6:22 Aeoliah

You are welcome to use this or create your own playlist with music you love (one idea is to choose music you grooved to when you were in high school ~ research shows that dancing to music from your youth increases youthfulness in body and mind!).

After doing the practice, please do leave a comment below or on the Focus Pocus Facebook page and let me know how it goes for you! It is a gift to all of us to keep the connection and encouragement flowing so I look forward to hearing from you.

I continue to work on all aspects of offering online classes (new music! better camera possibilities! a cordless mic! Fingers crossed!). Another option for you might be NiaTV which is an online service offering 30 days free access to Nia TV’s at-home dance workouts, podcasts, meditations, and exclusive livestream.
• To register, click here and start your free trial today.
• Please note: you will need to cancel your Nia TV account within 30 days to avoid being charged after the 30-day trial period.

TOMORROW, Sunday, March 22, 2020, Restorative Yoga Practice
Movement is healing, yes. And we desperately need stillness and real rest. On Sunday, I’ll offer a calming, deeply relaxing restorative yoga class that you can do with props that you have around the house. The video will go live here on Sunday at 10am. Grab a mug of tea, some pillows and blankets and let yourself unwind.

What does your inner teacher tell you that you need today? Listen to her. She is wise beyond measure.
Please stay in touch.
Until soon, my friends!

  1. Mable Kinzie said:

    ohmygosh, no apologies needed! We so appreciate your being there for us, and figuring out how to surmount the challenges in doing so. xoxo

    • Thank you, Mable. I’m grateful…and doggedly determined. More soon. In the meantime, let me know how this practice goes! ❤

  2. I know that you can search YouTube for “copyright-free music” and it returns a ton of results. I have no idea how to sift through them efficiently, though. Good for you! I love your emails/posts, and SO appreciate all that you share. ♥️🤩😍♥️


    • YES. That’s exactly what I’m finding. The sorting and searching is overwhelming! I’ll figure something out. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

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