Monday, March 16, 2020 ~ Refuse to Miss Spring … Online Nourishing Movement

Our online gatherings for movement, connection, and healing continued today – as did the technical bobbling! We focused on noticing the details and wonder of spring, our bodies and sensation. Thanks to those who stuck it out with me (and if you had trouble with the live feed, you might find the recorded video sounds better). My roadie, Frank (who was a rock star today) and I are continuing to play with how to make this work better!

Please find the playlist is below. And you can find the video for today’s class here.

Given my videos’ low production value and my wobbly technical skill, however, a better option for you might be NiaTV which is an online service offering 30 days free access to Nia TV’s at-home dance workouts, podcasts, meditations, and exclusive livestream.
• To register, click here and start your free trial today.
• Please note: you will need to cancel your Nia TV account within 30 days to avoid being charged after the 30-day trial period.

When we are in difficult circumstances, sometimes it’s impossible to even KNOW what might be helpful or supportive. If you DO have ideas about what would feel good in these uncertain days, please let me know. In particular, I’m interested to know:
• if you would you rather shorter or longer classes?
• what time of day would be great?
• if you would you like a restorative yoga practice?
• guided relaxation/meditation?
• guided developmental movement (mainly on the floor)?
I’d love to hear what would be most helpful to you and if you just don’t know, don’t worry. I’ll just keep playing around!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 4pm
Please join me on the Focus Pocus Facebook Page for another nourishing movement class at 4pm focused on noticing details. I’ll pull music from the Firedance routine since it *is* St. Patrick’s Day and everything. I will either use Facebook Live OR I may provide a link to YouTube. We’ll see what my roadie and I figure out. Either way, you will find it on the Focus Pocus Page here.

These days are surreal and disorienting. Movement and connection is one way to keep ourselves grounded.
Please stay in touch.
Until soon, my friends!





I Refuse to Miss Spring ~ Facebook Live class from Dancing Water
Monday, March 16, 2020, 11am

Amazing  4:15 One Eskimo 
The Hush  5:24 Rae & Christian
Smokey Quartz  6:59 Shakatura  
Corazon Espinado  4:38 Santana
Jogando Capoeira  6:20 Beatfanatic
What A Day  3:26 The Makepeace Brothers 
Solo Flying Mystery Man  3:29 Faithless
Scare Away the Dark  4:39 Passenger 
Garden Song  3:51 David Mallett
A Stream With Bright Fish  3:57 Brian Eno & Harold Budd

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