Hard Times Require Furious Dancing ~ First Online Class at Dancing Water

dear Friends ~

These are fast-changing, deeply disorienting days. In the midst of turmoil, it can be challenging to know what to do. Are you feeling that, too?

This very week marks the 20th anniversary of my career as a movement educator. I have dedicated my professional life to creative connection and the practice of presence in body, mind and heart. I believe that this connection and presence is necessary for living a full human life, especially when times are difficult. It is with reluctance and sadness then that I have decided not to teach in-person classes at least for the next two weeks. But this feels like the best decision and in alignment with what we know now about this fast-moving virus. At the end of March, I will reassess the situation and determine how best to proceed.

So here we are. In hard times. And “hard times require furious dancing.” So while the current circumstances require us to stay separated, current technology allows us to be together. And THAT is what I am all about, my friends.

In the coming weeks, I will offer online classes via Facebook Live (I’m working on YouTube, too). I’m figuring it out as I go along and absolutely don’t know what I’m doing, but come jump in with me! This afternoon, after some bobbling around, I taught a 30-minute class to see how it might work. You can check it out here.

The playlist is below and I would be grateful if you commented or emailed me with any ideas, suggestions, feedback and in general about how I can make it work better for you (anybody know anything about using OBS streaming software, Facebook Live or YouTube Live? what length of class would work best? any time of day that would be preferable?). How I can be of service even while we are apart?

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 15, 2020 from approximately 3-4pm Eastern time I will teach another class on Facebook Live at the Focus Pocus Facebook page. (You will also be able to access the class later if that time doesn’t work for you.) Please join me and people from all over for some flowing, fabulous, furious dancing! I look forward to hearing from you about what would help you most through these turbulent and uncertain times.

Please stay in touch.
Until soon, my friends!





Hard Times Require Furious Dancing ~ Facebook Live class from Dancing Water
Saturday, March 14, 2020, 4pm

Spring Clean ~ 4:48 ~ The Happening
Back to Earth ~ 5:27 ~ Rusted Root
Malawi Moonlight (Dance Version) ~ 5:26 ~ African Tribal Orchestra
Water of Love ~ 5:26 ~ Dire Straits
Shaking the Tree ~ 6:28 ~ Peter Gabriel
People of Peace ~ 3:26 ~ Gary Stroutsos

  1. Kathie Anzalone said:

    Dearest Susan, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Since I have been in Myrtle Beach I have not danced Nia and I miss it so much. We too are distancing ourselves so this was extra precious. I look forward to tomorrow! Kathie

    • Wonderful! See you tomorrow — and note that it is at 3pm not 4pm as I originally posted! xoxo


    Susan, I somehow sent my message before it was finished!

    All is well here, amidst the chaos and fear and uncertainty. I’ve had many physical ups and downs but seem to have arrived in some sort of peaceful center of trusting in the basic goodness of the Universe. I’m being given the grace of having gratitude bubble up in me, making me fall in love with Spring and just this… this moment. It’s all very tender and very fragile, but there it is, this joy in the midst…..

    Sending you love and delicious dancing and resilience. So much love,



    • Yes to the wonder of spring and resilience and unexpected creativity and connection in strange times. There *is* joy in the midst of it all. And remember, that you can come and move with us in any way that feels good: sitting, lying down, rolling on the floor, whatever feels good! Sending you love straight back, my friend. ❤

  3. Susan Kaufman said:

    My heart fell when I saw you were not on the schedule tomorrow. But then I saw these two offerings. I will dance with you in spirit later and look forward to what opportunities are to come. This technology is going to be so vital in keeping us all connected through the coming days.
    With so much gratitude,
    Susan K.

    • YES. We need to move. And we need to be connected. There are two classes up on the Facebook page already. Tomorrow we move at 11am! I hope to be *with* you then. oxox

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