One Thing at a Time: Pause. Relax. Do. ~ Sep 30 – Oct 3, 2019 ~ Focus Preview

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be celebrating the launch of my book Octabusy: How to Let Go in a Sea of Doing by focusing on one of the teachings from the book each week. This week, we look at the wisdom of the Sea Turtle who reminds us that we can really only do one thing at a time.

More on the myth of multitasking on Thursday but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a couple upcoming things.
Until then, keep moving and breathing and showing up.





Special Octabusy Celebration at Dancing Water in October ~ 4 Nourishing Movement classes for $32!
In celebration of the October release of my book Octabusy, you can sign up for 4 classes on Thursdays in October at 11am for $8 each (Octa-of course!). We will focus on 4 themes of the book and physical practices to help us embody them including mindfulness practices, stretches and restorative poses. Go to to sign up by Oct 3!
Oct 3 ~ Focus: One Thing At A Time (Feet, Hips, Shoulders)
Oct 10 ~ Focus: Little By Little (Hands & Posture)
Oct 24 ~ Focus: Go with the Flow / Less is More (Spine)
Oct 31 ~ Focus: What do you want to let go of? (Breath)

Scholarships Available for all Experiences at The Studio at Dancing Water
We have delicious experiences coming up at The Studio AND we have scholarships available for them. Whether you’re interested in Shandoah Goldman’s Restorative Yoga + Octabusy book celebration on Oct 13 or Nourishing Movement classes with me on Thursday mornings at 11am, we can help with any of them. If finances are stopping you from joining us, please reach out and let me know by connecting at .

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