The Algebra of Attention

I have a friend who listens to me with his whole being. He sits absolutely still and just…listens. Not many people in our culture do this. At first, it was disconcerting. I thought that maybe he wasn’t understanding me because he wasn’t nodding or “uh-huh”-ing or anything. He gets still and listens with the intention to understand. He listens to really hear me. And his listening sometimes allows him to hear things that even I can’t hear. He can hear what I am saying and also what I’m not. There is something deeply nourishing about talking with him. I can feel it in my cells.

It’s as simple as this:

Deep listening = Paying close attention

Paying close attention = Love

Deep listening = Love

So my question for you is this: what are you listening to? who are you listening to? can you listen deeply? what are you half listening to? listening to while doing other things? listening to while deciding what you’ll say in response?

What are you deeply, fully, completely listening to?

Whatever it is, you are loving it.

Listen and love.

  1. Marion Robbins said:

    Aahhh…. wonderful reminder! Listening to my gut these past few days which is telling me that more chemo is not tolerable right now, so am asking the oncologist for time to recoup… Thoughts have flown to you and Frank often… Hugging 🤗 you!

    • Yes, Marion. That is important, essential listening. Your body knows. Our love flying right back to you. ❤

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