Surfing Sensation

Yesterday, I went to a three-hour yoga workshop. We held poses for minutes at a time. We lay on tennis balls and let them soften up tight tissues. I had sensations of release, mild discomfort, and “holy moly.”

Last week, I could barely read the news. Among the usual bombshells, the UN released a report saying that extinctions of a huge range of species is happening at alarming rates. I cannot stop thinking about this and have sensations in my belly of fear and anger and despair.

There is another school shooting. This time a friends’ children were in the school where it happened. It is dumbfounding to talk to her. Incomprehensible. My mind reels with thoughts and feelings that all reverberate in my body.

I sit by the river in the warm May breeze and watch the birds. My heart aches at the beauty and how soothed I am.

There is no lack of sensation. It’s up to us to surf it. It’s up to us to be both the surfer and the wave.

  1. Christine said:

    I love the ladybug that fell off the board.

    Because you just know she’s going to get back on and try again.

    • Ha! Sometimes I surf the wave. Sometimes the wave surfs me. 🙂 And yes, that is the practice. Feel it, be with it, and when we lose it (which we inevitably will)…begin again. ❤

  2. Marion Robbins said:

    Surfing WITH you…. and savoring your beautiful design…… love……

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