Before you get up.
Before you eat.
Before you go to the next thing.
Before you hit SEND.
Before you speak.

Even in the middle of everything.
A nourishing, intentional, sacred pause can make all the difference.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DANCING WATER CLASSES ~ ~ ~ I’m delighted to announce that I will start offering classes at the studio at Dancing Water* on Thursday mornings from 11-1215pm starting THIS THURSDAY, May 2. Come join us in the trees by the river for grounded, flowing, spacious movement. For the month of May, I’m offering a discounted rate while we work out the kinks together! Go HERE to sign up!


  • Dancing Water ~ 2370 Old Lynchburg Road, Charlottesville VA 22903 (detailed directions can be found in the SHOP section under Additional Information).
  1. Eve Coulson said:

    Susan, where are you? I cannot find the location of your studio anywhere. Do I need a cup of coffee? Is it hiding in plain sight? Eve Coulson

    Sent from my iPhone


    • You May need a cup of coffee but it’s all brand new: 2370 Old Lynchburg Road!

  2. Marion Robbins said:

    Such a wonderful name! May it be the start of a never-ending wondrous adventure…. ALL love 💕

    • Thank you, Marion! I thought about “The Possibility of Pause” or the “Power of Pause” etc. etc. but decided simple was better. And more evocative. And yes, adventurous. ❤

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