Awareness Changes Everything

My word for 2019 is CLEAR. As part of that, I have discovered the work of Stephanie Bennett Vogt through her class on The DailyOM called A Year To Clear which is based on her book of the same name. I am loving it. I am looking at the spaces around me (and in me) with different eyes and am slowly letting go of what I don’t need and doesn’t help me move toward the purposeful life of creative connection that I envision.

Part of the reason that her work resonates with me is, well ahem, it is exactly the way I talk about movement and health and creativity.

One thing she says:

Awareness changes everything.

Yep. I couldn’t agree with that more. The more I pay attention, the more I invest in being fully with whatever is happening, the more my experience is transformed.

She also says:

Clearing raises awareness.
Clearing releases attachments.
Clearing reveals a spacious part that’s been there all along.

I would add that not only spaciousness is revealed but other things that may have been hiding in the weeds of my days and my stuffed-to-overflowing t-shirt drawer. Things like healing and compassion, creativity and relaxation, possibilities and joy.

So turn on awareness. Practice awareness and get curious about what you find. Let’s change everything.

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