Spiral & Diagonal

The human body is designed to move and function as a complete system. Everything is connected. Everything.
In movement, focus on spirals and diagonals to access and stimulate this holistic, systemic movement.

Diagonal movement includes both left/right and upper/lower bodies.

Diagonals integrate the side body and the inside and outside of arms and legs.

Spiral and circular movement incorporates all directions in 360 degrees.

Circles and spirals integrate intrinsic and extrinsic muscles as well as connective tissue.

Notice the sensation of diagonal and spiral movement in the body, mind and heart.
Notice how you might approach your day, your work, your relationships diagonally and spirally.

Move and create and live systemically, holistically. Include all your parts.

  1. Marion Robbins said:

    True… and such beautiful drawings, like jewels… So much love!

    • Diagonals and spirals are woven all through yoga, of course And part of what I’m suggesting is *noticing* them. Feeling the connection, for example, between the back for and the front fingers in Warrior II. Paying attention to the the rotation, the wrapping of Triangle or the spiraling of the arms in Warrior I. As to the jewel colors, my sister gave me new pens for my birthday and I can’t stop using them.

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