Smooth Transitions

From two of us traveling alone to a raucous celebration of 50.

From octogenarian to nonagenarian.

From living in a big house to a small apartment.

From living in a small town to the suburbs of a big city.

From working in a bank to retirement.

Life is full of transition. In some ways, transition is all there is. So what’s the secret to smooth and graceful ones?

In the past two weeks, I’ve watched and been part of some big transitions in myself and in the lives of those I love. I’ve been witnessing what makes a transition smooth and what makes it bumpy. I’ve noticed that the graceful transitions in my life and in the lives around me are the ones that are broken into smaller transitions. Taken as a series of smaller ones, I find more ease, more grace, more embodiment of each successive stage.

What is your recipe for smooth and graceful transitions?

  1. Odell Covington said:

    To be as flexible as possible mind body and spirit..

    • Yes! Finding the ability to flow with whatever is arising in all realms is key. And, I find that in myself, true grace also flows from deep strength. I think it’s a “both and” situation, for sure! Can’t wait to see you soon! ❤

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