A Non-Woo-Woo Guide to the Seven Chakras

When I first heard about the chakras, the energy system of the body, I didn’t buy it.
At all.
I had seen a rainbow poster of sanskrit symbols in a health food store that smelled of patchouli and wheat grass and thought it was hippie dippy nonsense.

As it turns out, the chakra system (“chakra” simply means “wheel” in Sanskrit) is one of the most practical and useful things I’ve learned in 18 years of practicing mind~body movement. So here’s my very own rainbow art of the system.

On the left is the number of the chakra and where it’s located on the body. The first chakra points down to the earth and the 7th chakra points up to the sky and the others run front to back in the body. The colors are not actually random hippie dippy but rather a reflection of the vibration of each center (This also means there is a sound associated with each center so the music I’ll use in classes this week will be tuned to these vibrations. Just listening to the music can balance your energy. Pretty cool, right?). On the right is the main issue associated with each chakra and an affirmation/intention for each.

Does it sound like a bunch of bunkum to you? Check this excerpt from a post I wrote a while back (you can read the whole thing here):

• Ever felt tightness at the base of your belly when you were worried about money? Or ever known someone insecure who acted like a tight-ass? That’s the first chakra, the base.
• Ever meet someone super-attractive and feel a rush in your stomach? That’s the second chakra, the sexual center.
• Ever had a gut feeling that something was (or wasn’t) the right thing to do? That’s the third chakra, the will center.
• Ever feel heart-broken or like your heart would burst with love? That’s the fourth chakra, the heart center.
• Ever feel a lump in your throat when you wanted to cry? Or a tightness in your throat when you were afraid to say something? That’s the fifth chakra, the throat center.
• Ever just have a feeling that something was happening? Ever get an intuition to call someone? That’s the sixth chakra, the third eye.
• Ever have an expansive feeling of connection far beyond yourself? That’s the seventh chakra, the crown.

We’ve all felt the energetic sensations of the chakra system but often we don’t listen to them. Our culture discourages paying attention to these sensations, but tuning into them is both practical and wise.

Next time you feel emotional in any way – sad or angry or excited – just pause and sense where you feel it in your body. Listening to the subtle energy from the chakra system offers insight and clarity about what is really going on.

When something feels off in our physical bodies, paying attention to it and responding so it can heal is a wise practice. The same is true for the chakra system. To help with that, I’ve created a simple table that gives practical information about how to balance each center (and how to know if it’s out of whack). You can find a PDF of that by clicking on this link ~ Non woo woo table pdf

And if you’d like even more information, check out this post that shares The Nia Technique’s approach to the chakras.

The more I listen to the sensations in the chakra system, the more I can discern what’s happening and make choices about how to proceed with skill and self-awareness. So the next time you feel a lump in your throat or you get a gut feeling, know that paying attention and taking care of that is not hippie dippy woo-woo but skillful self healing.

  1. Oh my, I blogged with much less finesse about the chakras on Sunday. Woo-woo indeed. Love your illustration and words. I bow to you, Susan.

    • All interpretations and information is of service! Understanding and sensing our energetic selves is powerful in all forms. ❤

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