The Superpower of Focus

In any given moment, what isn’t pulling for your attention?

Long to-do lists in over-scheduled lives.

Advertisements everywhere you look, everywhere you listen, everywhere you go.

Multi-tasking for our multiple roles and in our multiple relationships.

And of course, the World Wide Interwebs. Email, social media, on-line news. Phones and computers binging ringing zinging and ever-pulling our eyes and minds away from whatever it is we are doing. “Look at this shiny new thing! Stop and come look!”

Which is why, business writer Eric Barker says that FOCUS is the superpower of the 21st century.


In this distraction-filled world, your ability to focus your attention can make all the difference.
Erik Barker is a business writer, so he talks a lot about how focus or what writer Cal Newport calls Deep Work, allows professionals to excel well beyond their colleagues given their ability to dive in deep past the onslaught of interruptions.

But what holds true in business is true in all other spheres as well. Whether you want to build a writing practice or a relationship with your partner, whether you want to concentrate on strength training or your creative life, practicing focus is the way to go past the surface to the heart of any skill.

Want to explore more?

You can read lots of good posts from Erik Barker but here’s one that’s spot on topic.

And I came across two interesting videos that I recommend

this one from a young manly man who is wise beyond his years,

and this more indepth one from a researcher in the Netherlands that goes more into the brain science and research.

One way that I practice this is to pick a word to focus on throughout the year. I spend the last part of December opening up and allowing a word to find me: one word that expresses how I want to feel and how I want to be in the coming 12 months. You can find more about this here and on my Instagram gallery.

It’s no mistake that this blog is called Focus Pocus: The Magic of Inquiry & Intent. I believe that focusing our minds, by paying attention, we are making an investment in ourselves and our futures.

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