In between in the season of Halloween

Halloween marks the space between the harvest and the darkness. It’s a time when it’s thought that the line between life and death is softer. Much of our time in our culture is spent focused on here and there, now and then, you and me. But what happens if we focus on the space between?

If you’re interested in inbetweens, you might enjoy this post from a couple of years ago…Neck & Waist: The Spaces In Between

  1. Marion Robbins said:

    Susan, what a lovely illustration and thought. I have truly been experiencing that gap between the “two worlds”…. sensing and touching the trees in the forest…listening… dreaming…. feeling Oneness…..that “we” space…..
    Thank you!

    • It is a rich place to spend time. It can feel uncomfortable sometimes – to be in the place of no-longer-but-not-yet – and Rich nonetheless. Thank you, as ever, for being alone for the journey. 💜🍁🌞

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