Pot Luck!

It’s worth noting that bringing what’s easiest isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. Look at the intention behind bringing the easiest: am I exhausted or sad or generally low on resources? Then, bring on the easy! But if bringing the easiest is based on habit or depending on someone else to carry the load, another choice might be yummier.

Again, coming empty-handed is not necessarily a bad thing…since your presence means you are bringing something. You are giving others a chance to offer generosity and care which is a gift. Again, looking at habit and intention is always the best way for me to decide if it’s a healthy choice.

Use your awareness and witness to notice all that you are bringing to a situation. Not just what you say but what you don’t say. Not just what you do but what you don’t do. It’s more than just what’s in the pot…

This is often a question I ask myself before (or less skillfully after) a gathering. How do I want to show up? Knowing that I can only control what I bring, what do I want to do or say?

When I’m bringing my best, it’s easy to focus on that. Notice if you only want to talk about your idea at the meeting or if you forget to ask everybody about how their day went at the dinner table. The whole point of being together is to share what we all have to offer.

Question 3 may seem to imply that you have to taste something that everybody brings. But if you feel terrible when you eat sugar, then don’t have the cupcakes! If someone is dancing big in class and that feels unsettling to you, dance in another part of the room. AND remembering that everybody’s offerings are what makes the whole experience. Appreciating the gift of everybody (whether or not you eat the cupcake) is what makes pot lucks nourishing.

Happy Pot Lucking, everybody! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Pot Luck of Life … and how the illustrated posts are landing!

  1. Karen Mawyer said:

    Love this post! The birds, the bird food, the insight. Laugh out loud funny, and inspiring!

    • Ha! I’m so glad to hear it. And I bet it would make you think twice if I invited you to lunch. ❤

  2. Susan snyder said:

    Love he pot luck application and the illustrations are soooo yummy. And your phrasing is always loving. So healing. Able to hear your ideas so easily with your positive framework!

    • Thanks, Susan. Glad it’s helpful and yummy. Yummy is good. ❤

  3. Rebecca Trexler said:

    I LOVE YOUR POT LUCK CRAZY BIRD ART!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Yay for your cutest cute little birds and their canned grubs and dried worms. What a hoot and great message. OXOXOXOXs to my fav crazy bird artist, TRex


    Rebecca Trexler


    • Ha! Thanks, TRex! Delighted you enjoyed it! I promise not to bring dried worms to lunch. 😎

  4. Lisa said:

    So. Freaking. Brilliant.

    • Ha! What’s more fun than crazy birds reminding us to bring our best and dance with our friends?

  5. Love it, and as your last one, great graphics. You do communicate well this way! Can I make a suggestion? Less colour would help. The bright backgrounds are fun but visually a bit distracting and I found myself getting a bit punched by too much colour and started to lose the message……
    Keep going! I’m enjoying these!

    • Cool! Thank you for reading and for the feedback! It’s all definitely a creative experiment! Keep bringing the real to the pot luck. ❤

  6. This is so inspired and your illustrations are so much fun; like the details of bird food. Thanks Susan.

    • Thank you, Rachel! I’m having a great time doing them! Bacawww! ❤

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