Deeper In Your Bones

Connections between bones are what make movement possible. How we align one bone effects the position of those around it. Inevitably, every movement choice ripples through the skeleton.


My husband calls his shoulder blades his “wings.” As in, “Ooh, scratch me below my wing.” But the clavicals look like wings to me, too, even though their name means “small key.” The clavical is one of the easiest bones to feel through the skin. Find yours and then turn your palms up and down and see if you can feel it move. Have you ever broken your clavical? It’s the most commonly broken bone in the body.

The design principle of structural hierarchy that is present in your bones – tubular structures made of tubular structures – was used in the design of the Eiffel Tower. Check out this cool (and short) video for more!

When looking at the bones of the feet, there is no question which one is designed to strike the ground! The bone is also known as the os calcis or chalk bone.

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