Playlist: Be a Peacemaker ~ Friday, September 2, 2016

be a peacemaker for 090216

So many thanks to Buck Mountain Episcopal Health & Wellness Ministry for hosting our special class on being a peacemaker in times of hatred. And thanks to all who came out to embody peace!

Below is the playlist from the evening but first, I promised to include links to the resources I referred to and the practices we did together.

Patricia Pearce’s article offered three ways of being a peacemaker
1. Stand in Solidarity with Those Under Attack
2. Love the Person Consumed by Hatred
3. Heal Your Own Mind
You can read her full excellent article here.

The practice of Tonglen is one we can do anytime we are faced with hatred, violence, or suffering of any kind. Imagine suffering as thick, hot, black sticky tar. Inhale and breathe in the black tar of suffering deep into your heart. Exhale, and let it explode and be burned away in the heat of the love and compassion in your heart. Inhale black suffering, exhale an explosion of loving white light.

This is an excellent talk on standing in solidarity with those who need our support and standing with our highest values in times of trouble: The Burning Church talk by Greg Thompson

If you have other resources on this topic, I would love to share them. Please feel free to contribute them to the Focus Pocus facebook page or email them to me at Thank you to all who create peace on earth by first taking the courageous step to create peace within.

Dance on. Shine on.
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*** PLAYLIST NOTE: My playlists can also be found on Spotify by following “susanmcculley” (no space) and look for Public Playlists. Sometimes music is not available on Spotify so I may replace with another version or skip songs — and sadly, that is definitely the case for this playlist. I highly recommend the 1 Giant Leap albums which use music from artists from around the world who never actually meet. ***

Friday, Sep 2, 2016, 6pm ~ Be A Peacemaker

Peace Train 4:02 Cat Stevens
A Different Space 8:43 Bob Holroyd
The Great Unfolding 4:06 Quinn
Resolution (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) 4:02 Thievery Corporation
Look Up 5:56 Zero 7
Doctor My Eyes 3:21 Jackson Browne
Why Must I Feel Like This Today? [Feat. Baaba Maal, Michael Franti, Ulali, Radio Active & Krishna Das] 9:28 1 Giant Leap
I Have Seen Trouble [Feat. Aluta & Michael Stipe] 7:21 1 Giant Leap
Love Rescue Me 3:48 Playing For Change
Nagual 4:03 Michael Hewett


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