Susan’s Playlists Jul 25, 2016 – Peacemakers

al we are saying 072416

If I want to live in peace, I have work to do. I need to open my eyes and mind and heart to what is happening to the most vulnerable among us. And I must understand my unearned privledges. In addition to Patricia Pearse’s post about being a peacemaker , I highly recommend this post on white privilege. We can’t solve problems that we don’t or won’t see.

Just one class this week before we head north to visit our family in northern Minnesota. (People, I am packing a sweater and jeans which blows my mind.) I’ll be back and teaching on August 3 & 4, to my new routine (see announce-y things below).

Monday’s playlist is below or you can listen to it by going to Spotify! Rock out for free at Spotify! Sign up for free, follow me at “susanmcculley” and you’ll find my public playlists ~ just click and listen!

And first the announce-y things:

• dance. sit. create. ~ another in the evolving series of day-treats on Saturday, October 1, 830am-5pm
You are creative. You are an artist. Even if your elementary school art teacher told you differently. Whatever you think and feel about dancing, sitting and creativity, this day is for you. Whether you identify with the words “dance sit create.” and think, “Heck, yeah” or if you shake your head and say, “I can’t do those things” or “That’s not me,” this day is for you. Please join me for a delicious day of living at the intersection of movement, stillness, and art. If you’ve come before, come again. If you’ve never joined us, this is a great time.
Early Bird: $80 if registered by August 1. Late Bird: $95 if registered by September 15. Creative Bird: Get an additional $5 off by making something (a photo! a drawing! a haiku! a kid! anything!) and sharing a picture of it on any social media with this link ( and use the hashtag #dancesitcreate. (OR send something you’ve made to Susan and she will share it!)
Limited to 20 participants. Questions? Please connect with Susan at

• Routine Seventeen Launch ~ Galactic Return: Blue Rhythmic Hand
The new routine is coming together! The next class I teach on Monday, August 3 at 11am at acac Albemarle square will be its full debut! I will teach it again the following day, Thursday, August 4 at 840am at acac downtown and more later in August. Wear blue and please do join me!

As always, please let me know if you have questions or how I can help more.
Dance on. Shine on.
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*** PLAYLIST NOTE: My playlists can also be found on Spotify by following “susanmcculley” (no space) and look for Public Playlists. Sometimes music is not available on Spotify so I may replace with another version or skip songs . ***

Monday, Jul 25, 2016, 1045am ~ Peacemakers

Peace Train 4:02 Cat Stevens
Drawn To The Rhythm 4:12 Sarah McLachlan
A Go Go (Boozoo Bajou Mix) 5:47 Truby Trio
7 Years 3:57 Lukas Graham Lukas Graham
Galactivation 4:41 Shakatura Galactivation
Will It Go Round in Circles 4:29 Billy Preston
Give Peace a Chance 4:35 Aerosmith/Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
Why Must I Feel Like This Today? [Feat. Baaba Maal, Michael Franti, Ulali, Radio Active & Krishna Das]
I Have Seen Trouble [Feat. Aluta & Michael Stipe] 7:21 1 Giant Leap
Inlakesh 3:58 Lou Rhodes
Peace 4:44 FRUiT
Nagual 4:03 Michael Hewett


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