Support ~ Seen & Unseen

SUPPORT 051916

1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.
2. give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.

My legs support me
Except when I’m flat out on the floor
Then, the earth supports me
The cat hops onto my back which oddly feels like support
My beloved, my fandamly, my friends, my people
Green tea and home grown lettuce and the music of Michael Franti
Movement and teachings and breath and stillness support me
Connection, encouragement, gratitude
And kindness in the comment section
My work and my husband’s work and gifts from those who have come before
Art and stories well-told and the success of people who rock
The sky, strangely enough, supports me as much as the earth does
And things that flower and fruit and fly
Dogs with their heads out of car windows
Clean water and hot showers and dental floss
And if I look deeper
All the people who build and repair and clean
Those who pave the roads and scrub commodes
And lift fallen lines and make laws for the good
The one who lets me into the turn lane and
Wishes me well in the market or on the sidewalk
A texted picture of a doe-eyed dog or a guinea pig or a genuine “how are you doing?”
The invisible net of love that I have to reach for to feel
I just have to remember all that support
When I’m flat out on the floor

P.S. For information on the systems of support in our bodies, you might enjoy this post about the Elegant Stumbling routine that we’ll do in classes this week.

  1. Mariah said:


    • YES! Kindness and gratitude and BOY HOWDY when I stop to think of everything that’s supporting me, it blows my mind. ❤

  2. I so needed this this morning. Thank you. And I love the free form.

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