Just Say YES Postlette 2 ~ Yes to Frog

yes frog 042316

Recently, I noticed that when I hear unwelcome news I say one thing – “Oh no!” Whenever I say it, I feel the resistance to whatever I’m hearing, the clench against what is happening. Since then, I’ve been playing with saying Yes. It might be, “Yes and I’m so sorry.” Or it might be, “Yes and I see I have no control over that.” Or, “Yes, that’s not what I expected and this can work, too!” There is power in Yes. This week, five mini-postlettes about just that.

One of the many reasons my yoga teacher, Amy, is so awesome is that she is cheerfully honest about her practice. She doesn’t hide her own ups and downs on the mat and that helps me find the courage to practice patiently and without expectation. Her relaxed approach to her own monkey mind gets me to lighten up about mine.

After a Baptiste Power Yoga intensive a while back, she returned with her red mat autographed by her friends from the training. The people we share intense experiences with leave lasting marks on our hearts, so I understood the signatures.

But wondered about the frog.


At the top of her mat along with all the names was the picture of a little smiling frog.

Turns out that Baptiste invites yogis to say YES to whatever’s happening on (and off) the mat. Can’t balance in Tree to save your life? YES. Slipping and sliding on self-made sweat puddles? YES. Finally nailed Crow Pose? YES.

Amy said she was down with this approach until she got into Frog Pose. It’s a doosie, this one: belly down, knees wide, groins and inner thighs intensely stretching. Someone doing Frog looks like a poor amphibian who’s dealt with the business end of a car tire.

Amy said NO to Frog. She hated it and wanted to get out as soon as she got in (before then, even). To remind her that YES was an option, one of her yogi friends drew a little frog on her mat.

Amy likes to joke that she still says NO to Frog, but she doesn’t fool me. She is a yogi who knows the power of staying in even when things get uncomfortable. Especially then. She may not like it but she says YES to Frog…usually.

amy's frog


  1. Love this little story 🙂 Such a great reminder. I’m going to pay more attention to when and where I’m saying NO. It really seems like it affects us down to the cellular level.

    • It does! It’s not that NO is a bad word but noticing what’s behind my NO. Am I afraid or angry or hurt? Or am I saying NO out of self-care and so I can stay on track with my intention. Yes is an excellent place to start… ❤

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