Susan’s Playlists August 23-27, 2015 ~ Coming Back

Quetico The Pines Trail 033After weeks of traveling, what a gift to be back together. Our focus this week was the essential nature of this practice, to keep returning to sensation without story or judgment. We played with the understanding that sensation and events are neutral, it’s our mind that makes it good or bad or pleasant or unpleasant or party or drama. Anchoring our attention in the direct experience of sensation gives is powerful grounding for whatever comes our way.

Below are all the playlists for the week and you can also find them on Spotify where you can listen to all the music for free! Follow me at “susanmcculley” and you’ll find my public playlists ~ just click and listen! No matter where you are, we can listen and dance together! Note that if you are using the Spotify app for mobile devices, the program inserts “recommended” music that is not on my original playlist. Also, Spotify doesn’t have all the music I have, so sometimes I’ll put up a different version of a song or skip it all together. Have fun with it.

A couple of things you might like to know about:

Team Teaching with Mary Linn September 7 and 8 ~ Now that we’re back in the same city, Mary Linn and I are excited to team teach a classic Carlos routine, Agolo. We’ll be sharing our version of this playful and joyful body of work on Labor Day, Monday, Sept 7, 11-1215pm at Albemarle Square, on Tuesday, Sept 8, 840-940am Downtown and 530-630pm at Albemarle Square.

Traveling Posts on A Thousand Beautiful Things ~ Find posts from my recent travels, photographs (phone camera only!), words, and essays about gratitude, beauty, mindfulness and more. Please join me there!

SAVE THE DATE: DANCE. SIT. WRITE. DAY SHOP HAPPENS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2015 ~ Mark your calendar for the next opportunity to spend the day playing in the intersection of movement, meditation and creativity! More details to come this summer (you can follow along at ) Let me know if you have questions (
As always, please let me know if you have questions or how I can help more.

Dance on. Shine on.

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*** PLAYLIST NOTE: You can listen to all my playlists on Spotify by following “susanmcculley” (no space) and look for Public Playlists. Sometimes music is not available on Spotify so I may replace with another version or skip songs. What you find below is exactly what I used in class. ***

Monday, Aug 24, 2015, 1045am ~ Coming Back

Healing Senses 8:27 Parijat
Mulatica Mia (Cuba Remix) 5:32 The Tao Of Groove
Palais Mascotte 5:47 Patrick Duvoisin
No Quiero Nada Mas 4:46 Sancti Spiritus
Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix) 5:28 The Tao Of Groove
Mad World (feat. Safri Duo & Isam B) [Raaban Edit] 3:34 Michael Parsberg
The Basement 3:35 Eric Hutchinson
i love baby cheesy 6:37 Banco de Gaia
Black Water 4:22 Doobie Brothers
The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) 4:16 Jason Mraz
Moonshadow 2:52 Cat Stevens
No Trace 3:58 Jamie Catto & Alex Forster

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015, 840am ~ Coming Back

Qurna 7:09 Banco de Gaia
Freedom 6:31 George Michael
Palais Mascotte 5:47 Patrick Duvoisin
No Quiero Nada Mas 4:46 Sancti Spiritus
Mafich Arabi 8:03 Banco de Gaia
Sweet Freedom 5:14 Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald
Cantaloop 4:38 US3
Four Strong Winds 4:06 Neil Young
Little Gem 4:32 Euphoria

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015, 1055am ~ Coming Back

A Thousand Beautiful Things 3:07 Annie Lennox
Nourah 6:51 Makyo
Lovers House 4:49 City Reverb
One World, One People 4:43 Xcultures
Shakin’ It Up 6:15 Ganga Giri
Maha Lakshmi 5:19 El Cosmo Group
Four Strong Winds 4:06 Neil Young
Big Blue Ball 4:52 Big Blue Ball featuring Peter Gabriel, Manu Katché, Karl Wallinger
The Light 4:29 The Album Leaf

Thursday, Aug 27, 2015, 840am ~ Coming Back

Helpless 4:15 K.D. Lang
Luna 6:04 Ganga
Mulatica Mia (Cuba Remix) 5:32 The Tao Of Groove
No Quiero Nada Mas 4:46 Sancti Spiritus
Say Hey (I Love You) (Featuring Cherine Anderson) 3:56 Michael Franti
Dance Floor (Nu Brazilia Remix) 5:28 The Tao Of Groove
Samb Adagio 5:58 Safri Duo
Wake Me Up 4:10 Avicii
Streetcorner Symphony 4:09 Rob Thomas
Moonshadow 2:52 Cat Stevens
Adagio 5:11 Safri Duo


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