100 Words: The Trouble with Tight Mind

big mind Jessica_ScowlingMy teachers (and Principle 7) invite me to choose the level of intensity that is right for me. Say that and – BOOM – I’m in tight mind.

The trouble with tight mind is that it’s crowded: full of “shoulds,” “do I have to?s,” beliefs about getting it right, fear of discomfort.

The trouble with tight mind is that Lazy Daisy and Eager Beaver Overachiever are in there and those two do NOT get along.

When choosing movement intensity, better to go with Big Mind. Spacious, body~centered, present moment Big Mind. That’s where eons of wisdom is. There, the choice is obvious.

  1. Lori Raphael said:

    Thanks for the reminder, Susan. I like to jump on the dance floor. I am afraid I am a show off. My partner eggs me on. Then I have to spend a week in bed. Time to go with the Big Mind in the moment if I want to keep dancing on and on…

    • Right mind is tricky. It’s so easy to be seduced into thinking our way into choices rather than sending what is actually needed in the moment. May you dance to the end of your days. 🙂

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