Susan’s Playlists May 18 – 21, 2015 ~ Kind Without Caving

kind without caving BB_King_onstage_(Toronto,_2007)The first time I typed this, it came out “Kind Without Caring” ~ which is the perfect typo for this week’s focus, if you ask me. It’s so easy to be strong without softness, to be soft and doormat-y or kind without really caring. Every relationship, every moment requires a different cocktail of strength and softness. And this applies to my relationship with myself, too. As always, I’d love to hear how your balance of kind without CAVING is happening…or not.

Below are all the playlists from the week. Go to Spotify and follow me at “susanmcculley” and you’ll find my public playlists there, too. I love seeing more and more people following and listening wherever you are! If you’re having trouble getting the site to work, please let me know ~ I’m learning some tricks and I’d love to figure it out with you. Just so you know, if you are using the Spotify app for mobile devices, the program inserts “recommended” music that is not on my original playlist. Please note also that Spotify doesn’t have all the music I have, so sometimes I’ll put up a different version of a song or skip it all together. EnJOY, everyBody!

Before the playlists, some announce-y type things:

NEW CLASS TIME ON TUESDAY & THURSDAY DOWNTOWN STARTS JUNE 2! ~ Next week is the last week on Tuesday and Thursday at 9am. Set your alarm! Mark your calendar! Staring June 2, your acac downtown Tuesday and Thursday morning Nia starts earlier! Class with Susan on both days will be from 840am-940am starting June 2! Come play and let your practice embody your whole day!

NEW NIA 101 SATURDAYS FROM 1230-1245 WITH MARY LINN STARTS JUNE 6! ~ Mary Linn will offer Nia 101 before her Saturday class: an introduction to Nia’s 52 Moves to refresh current students and help new students get a feel for the moves. Nia 101 will run from 1230-1245, and class will run from 1245-145, at Albemarle Square, Studio A.

SAVE THE DATE: DANCE. SIT. WRITE. DAY SHOP HAPPENS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2015 ~ Mark your calendar for the next opportunity to spend the day playing in the intersection of movement, meditation and creativity! More details to come this summer (you can follow along here. ) Let me know if you have questions (

As always, please let me know if you have questions or how I can help more.

Dance on. Shine on.

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*** PLAYLIST NOTE: My playlists can also be found on Spotify by following “susanmcculley” (no space) and look for Public Playlists. Sometimes music is not available on Spotify so I may replace with another version or skip songs. What you find below is exactly what I used in class. ***

Monday, May 18, 2015, 1045am ~ Kind Without Caving

The Air That I Breathe 5:58 k.d. lang
Nourah 6:51 Makyo
Takshaka 10:42 Makayo
Deeper (Into Places) (Silk Spinner Mix) 6:23 Afterlife
Let the Good Times Roll (San Quentin) 5:08 B.B. King
Shadowman 6:36 Afro Celt Sound System
Riding With The King 4:23 Eric Clapton & B.B. King
Hold On! I’m Comin’ 6:20 Eric Clapton & B.B. King
Feel Your Body Float 7:29 Anuvida & Nik Tynhall

Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 9am and 530pm ~ Kind Without Caving

Wonderwall 4:09 Ryan Adams
You Can’t Always Get What You Want 6:47 Rusted Root
Love The One You’re With 5:03 Luther Vandross
I Will Survive (Radio Edit) 5:11 Cake
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 2:41 Devo
More Than This 4:07 10,000 Maniacs
Super Freak 4:04 Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs
Higher Ground 3:22 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mrs. Robinson 3:41 The Lemonheads
Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (Feat. Rod Stewart) 4:22 N-Trance
Sweet Child o’ Mine (Rick Rubin…) 3:56 Sheryl Crow
Train In Vain 4:44 Annie Lennox
The Joker 4:46 k.d. lang
Make You Feel My Love 3:34 Adele

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 1055am ~ Kind Without Caving

Beach Drifter 4:02 Plazza
A New Day 4:03 Laya Project
Biene Maya 4:06 Daniel Levez
Resolution (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) 4:02 Thievery Corporation
Look Up 5:56 Zero 7
Release It [Instrumental] 6:27 Afro Celt Sound System
Shisha 5:20 Naked Rhythm
Once Again (Live) 6:04 Hang Massive
Curried Ripples 5:03 Ganga Girl
Outro 6:24 Hang Massive
Wishful Thinking 5:32 The Album Leaf

Thursday, May 21, 2015, 9am ~ Kind Without Caving

Passing Through 5:17 Bob Holroyd
A Different Space 8:43 Bob Holroyd
Journeyman – AO 6:41 Bob Holroyd
Something To Believe In 4:44 Parachute
Drumming Up a Storm 5:59 Bob Holroyd
The Thing That Helps Me Get Through 4:35 Michael Franti & Spearhead
Sargasso Sea 7:02 Davean Rowala
Stairway To Heaven 8:03 Led Zeppelin
Djarrimirri 3:57 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
The Light 4:29 The Album Leaf


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