Spring. Loaded. Life.

spring loaded plants growing
Yesterday, I waxed celebratorial about the spaciousness of spring and creating that same feeling in the body and joints in particular. Space and support are the keys to healthy, easy-feeling joints and movement. But how to expant those practices and to other aspects of life.


Not surprisingly, what works for the body also works for the head. Stressful, over-busy lives can leave us feeling compressed and contracted. Just as physical energy can get stuck around compressed joints, mental energy can be stuck (or drained away) under the compression of stress.

To infuse the breath of spring into a harried mind, create space and support. Find even a few minutes to meditate or to sit quietly. Support your mind by beginning each day identifying at least one thing that you will feel great about having done at the end of the day ~ and do it first. My scramble brain is supported with an online calendar that gives me reminders that let me relax around remembering every detail. Ask yourself, how can you give your mind space? How can you give your mind support?


Emotions are often equated with the element of water ~ moving and changing form all the time. And yet we often think of them as solid and permanent. When the emotional flow goes in an uncomfortable direction, we tend to freeze up around them.

When strong or difficult emotions show up, give them some spring energy: give them space and support. See if you can let go of the story and simply feel whatever you’re feeling. As tempting as it is to assign blame or dig into the justification (and the even distribution) of negative feelings, experiment with noticing the physical sensation associated and how it flows and shifts.

Getting support around emotional issues is a bamfoozler for me. When I’m up to my eyebrows in it, the last thing I want to do is ask for help. For that reason, I have a list of things that I keep in my wallet that I can do for myself when sticky emotions arise. The list ranges from “take 5 deep breaths” and “look at the sky” to “have a cup of tea” and “stretch and/or shake ~ even just your hands.” Once I’ve done something for myself and felt that internal support, it’s much easier for me to ask for help, even if it’s just for someone to listen when I’m scared or worried or angry.

Body, mind, emotions, the whole package: space and support is what infuses everything with spring loaded energy.

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