(Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Grounded is clarity and simplicity.” ~ Mia Hamza

Stability is the mother of all movement sensations. Without stability, no other movement is possible. Given the reality of our bodies moving in gravity, we have to stabilize against the earth and against our bones in order to move.

As a teacher and a mover, I know that stability is essential, but I sometimes am at a loss about how to explain it.

Nia describes the sensation of stability as “energy moving out from center in all directions equally.” I love the sensual nature of this description but in some ways it’s counter-intuitive.

Many teachers, including me, describe stability as being “grounded.”

“Ground into the four corners of your feet.”
“Ground the outside edge of your foot into the mat.”
“Ground into your legs.”

In a recent yoga class with Mia Hamza, though, she spoke practically about grounded stability.

“To get grounded,” she said, “get clear and keep it simple.”

I was surprised that she wasn’t talking about planting the edges of my feet or spreading my toes or rooting my energy into the earth. But hey, I’m a mover and a writer so I was happy to play with Mia’s mathematical poetry

Grounded = Clarity + Simplicity

As I practiced, I kept a little mantra going of “clear and simple, clear and simple.” Sure enough, when I’m not sure what to do, if I’m not clear in my movement and alignment choices, my poses take on a confusing, unbalanced feel. If I compare myself to the next door yogi or think about my current writing project, I am as likely as not to tip over.

Grounded = Clarity + Simplicity

When Mia gave an instruction, I paused and asked myself how can I make this clear and simple? My body figured out the physical details if my mind focused on simplicity and clarity. However, an edge crept into my internal dialog. My mind hijacked the whole situation and cracked down with harshness about what I should be doing more clearly, more simply and better (or how I should just be better general, for crying out loud).

So I altered her mathematics to

Grounded = (Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness

Whatever Grounding choices I make in the name of Clarity and Simplicity needs to be multiplied with Kindness.

Since Mia’s class, I notice that Grounded = (Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness is true for more than physical movement.

A grounded conversation is one that doesn’t go too fast or spiral into reactivity. A conversation that is clear, simple and kind stabilizes the connection between people.

Grounded = (Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness

A grounded decision begins with identifying clearly what is most important. I feel stable in decisions that are made with clarity and simplicity and infused with kindness (even if execution of those decisions might be more complicated or unclear or even (gasp!) disappoint someone).

Grounded = (Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness

The most grounded people I know keep things simple, clear, and kind ~ in their words, their actions, their lives. When I’m not grounded, I tend toward cascades of complicated thinking, dominoes of distracted action, laced with assy comments.

Grounded = (Clarity + Simplicity) Kindness

Grounded stability allows for all movement and change in the body … and for any movement and change in our lives. If I want to create stability in any realm, my focus is clearly and simply on being clear, simple and kind.

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