Brownies for Chloe ~ Wednesday, February 18, 2015

chloe's wordsToday would have been my friend and Black Belt Nia sister, Mary Linn Bergstrom’s daughter’s 7th birthday. Chloe Rose Leong was killed tragically in a car accident on December 22, 2014. Instead of planning a party for her girl in the traditional sense, Mary Linn opened her heart and her love and invited us all to celebrate Chloe’s life. Mary Linn created Brownies for Breakfast and she asked us all to slow down and savor the preciousness of love and life.

This morning, we danced in both sadness and celebration, the Big-J Joy of living and loss. I’ve been teaching for many years and this was one of the most powerful, love-filled classes I have ever had the privilege to lead.

Literally thousands and thousands of people made this day special. Many thanks to acac Fitness and Wellness Centers and especially Teppi LoSciuto for going above and beyond to celebrate this day. Thanks to the more than 28,000 people around the world who are marking today with love and appreciation and for all the pictures and messages of love and kindness. Thanks to NBC29 for featuring the story yesterday and came to class to cover the event this morning. Thanks to all the people who came out to dance on a frigid day and bringing so much warmth, love and care.

Thank you, a thousand times, to Mary Linn. Thank you for opening your broken heart and letting us love on you and your precious girl. Thank you, my dear friend, for your gracious, honest openness in the face of inexpressible loss. Thank you for helping me with the playlist and for coming to dance with us today.

And thank you, Chloe Rose, for your life and for reminding us to remember what really matters.

Below is the playlist for class and the quote I shared at the end. If you weren’t able to be with us, do a little Joy dance wherever you are.

Dance on. Shine on. Love on each other.

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Brownies for Chloe ~ Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 1055am

You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Duet) 2:39 Randy Newman
Climb On (A Back That’s Strong) 4:16 Shawn Colvin
The Obvious Child 4:10 Paul Simon
The Sound of Sunshine 3:44 Michael Franti & Spearhead
I Know What I Know 3:13 Paul Simon
The Boy in the Bubble 3:59 Paul Simon
The Thing That Helps Me Get Through 4:35 Michael Franti & Spearhead
Roar 3:44 Katy Perry
Drop It Low 3:45 Kat DeLuna
Life Is Better With You 3:19 Michael Franti & Spearhead
Sacred Love 6:03 Sting
Lean On Me 4:18 Glee
With My Own Two Hands 3:00 Ben Harper/Jack Johnson
Love Rescue Me 3:48 Playing For Change

“We are, on this earth, so incredibly small, in the history of time, in the crowd of the world, we are practically invisible, not even a dot, and yet we have each other to hold on to.”
~ Ann Patchett from This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage

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