No Words Routine Launch

no words zen circle2

Routine Launch: No Words
Friday, February 13, 2015, 6pm
Buck Mountain Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Earlysville, VA

A Nia teacher I know calls the first time she does a new routine “the first pancake”: much anticipated and often a little messy around the edges. With that in mind, I’m grateful to my friends at Buck Mountain Episcopal Church for allowing me to flip my first No Words pancake at their Parish Hall. Thanks in particular to Becky Trexler and LeAnn Mitchell and the Health and Wellness Ministry for their ongoing support of Nia at Buck Mountain, and to Dave Canoles for setting up (and warming up) the space for us.

Creating a routine with lyric-free music to be taught without words, was a creative and community adventure. I am grateful to all the people who suggested instrumental music while I was putting the playlist together including Danielle Mery-Stern, Kristin von Thelen and Mary Linn Bergstrom. Thanks also to Dawn Dirks for lending me her zills (finger cymbals) ~ they’ll obviously take more practice but they served their purpose nicely.

And thanks to all the movers who ventured out on a cold February night to dance! You are all extraordinary and you inspire me.

Dance on.  Shine on.

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No Words

Plazza [Base Mix] 4:02 Dust
A New Day 4:03 Laya Project
Biene Maya 4:06 Daniel Levez
Resolution (Rewound By Thievery Corporation) 4:02 Thievery Corporation
Look Up 5:56 Zero 7
Release It [Instrumental] 6:27 Afro Celt Sound System
Shisha 5:20 Naked Rhythm
Once Again (Live) 6:04 Hang Massive
Curried Ripples 5:03 Ganga Girl
Outro 6:24 Hang Massive
Wishful Thinking 5:32 The Album Leaf

  1. T-rex said:

    No first pancake tonight! Thank you wonderful girl–you gave everyone some time out of time, some breathing, some strength, some stretching, and lots of love. Buck Mountain loves you and so do I! Yay for the World Premiere of “No Words!”

  2. You are generous and kind, TRex! So many thanks to you and the whole Buck Mountain Crew. I am grateful.

  3. I love this music, thankyou! Do you devise your own routine?

    • I’m so glad you enjoy the music! And yes, I choreographed this routine. 🙂

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